Monday, March 9, 2009

Come Out From The Darkness

After our recent meeting with several of the members of YCMC, Moses their leader, presented me with their new logo. We congratulate this amazing youth group with their newest accomplishment. "Come Out From The Darkness" is a solid explanation of what this club is all about!

Meeting with this group is a pretty awesome experience, because this group of youths is the future here in Uganda, and they are so eager to hear the Word. They are a lively bunch that love to read scripture and share their thoughts. This is a wonderful bible study, it is just so real, that I don't know how else to explain it. Maybe it is witnessing these teenagers to be on fire for the Lord that makes me so excited. It would be any youth pastor's dream to see this group in action. I know that in America it seems that we have to have activities or food for the youth to show up and keep their interest. I have met with this group on the grass in a football (Soccer) field, in a classroom on a hot Saturday afternoon, and under a shade tree with no more than our Bible. When we talked of ways for some of these kids to get a bible of their own someday, they break out in a cheer!

During our last meeting, I believe we had about 40 members that go to one school. We are approaching about one hundred youths, some of which have joined or are interested in joining the club. The club has a book of salvation that has check marks by the members that have accepted Jesus. I am looking forward to meeting with all the members in one place someday soon!

Some of you may recall or have read about the crusade that they had this past December, it has made a huge impact on these kids. Our funding for this project made possible by a donor, went far to help not only of the costs of the trip but it has impacted their spirit for the Lord! They are already talking of next years crusade. What I would like to do is to get some mini crusades right here in Masaka this year. I am meeting with Pastor Tom, a local youth pastor, on Wednesday to discuss the possibilities of this happening. I know he is excited about this project and if he can get his church to sponsor the location, it is big enough to handle a crowd of this size! Pray for us because the kids are doing pretty good so far without the adults leading them, we just need to come along side them and support and encourage them and allow the lord to continue leading them.

We are working on a program with our local Bible League. After completing a workbook bible study they will receive a certificate to receive a bible at half price. We told the kids that when they complete the workbook and receive the certificate that we would pay half of that and they in turn would be paying one fourth the cost of the bible. To put this in perspective, this will still be a challenge for most of the kids as well as for us.

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