Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sponsor A Meal


Sponsor a meal at Kasaka Primary School.

It is a well documented fact that hungry children find it difficult to concentrate on their lessons at school, they are slower learning and even fall asleep in class.
Many of our children come to school without lunches, and some even come without breakfast. We have been giving our sponsored children a cup of local porridge at mid day and would like to extend this program to the whole school.
We believe that by doing this our children will be healthier and will learn better.
The cost of the 'light lunch' for all 300 pupils for a day per month is £15 ($25.00 USD) each month. 

We could also provide a full meal at Lunchtime at a cost of £65 ($105.00 USD), this would be a substantial meal of beans and Posho (cooked millet flour).

To participate in our partnership with Love In Action, Uganda: