Wednesday, June 11, 2008

BWO Team at Jireh Next Week

Believer's World Outreach (BWO) sends a team of missionaries to Uganda every year. This year's team has arrived safely in Uganda a couple days ago, and is now in Jinja working with Amani Baby Cottage and doing outreach at schools and other places with Calvary Chapel Jinja.

Next week this team will be in Masaka. As in Jinja, the team will be split up into ministry groups with different focus, many of them will be spending their time at Jireh Children's Centre doing a vacation bible school program for the kids. Having spent time at the children's center last summer, I know how much the kids at Jireh love having visitors, and spend a lot of time practicing songs and dances in order to put on a small talent show to welcome their international visitors.

Keep the team in your prayers over the next two weeks! Lauren Chavez, who served with me on the orphanage team with me last year will be remaining at the Children's Centre to work with the sponsorship program for two months after the rest of the BWO team returns home. Lauren and several of the students at Jireh are pictured at left from last year's trip. I will try to coordinate getting some new pictures onto the blog after the team returns!