Monday, January 26, 2009


The new family!

The Lord is providing a new children's home center. We lovingly refer to this project as The Door of Hope! There is such a need for the children of Uganda. Only by the will of God we are going to make this happen! We have a minimum amount of sponsors to finance this. We really need more house sponsors because we are only going to grow at the rate we can afford. The kids are lining up, they need help, but we can't do it without supporters. We are finding that so many of the children at the old children's center are seeing and hearing the difference of care that we provide. We are not providing anything more than the basics but we are not using the children the way they have become accustomed to being treated. The difference can only be the love of God we want to share with them.

To become an uncle or auntie of the first house of the Door of Hope project, just sign up on Pay Pal for $28.00 USD per month. Go to

We are providing shelter, food, clothing and education only by the Grace of God! You will be sponsoring all of the children and will have the chance to write to all of them and see and hear of their progress.

We currently have nine children we are caring for. When we arrive in Uganda this week, we will be moving them into the new house and compound we rented. We are appealing to everyone to get involved! If you can't handle a monthly amount, we can take a one time donation of any amount that you can afford. We don't turn our noses at small donations, because a gift is a gift!
And all things come from God!
Believing HeWillProvide,
Jim Fruehan

Saturday, January 10, 2009


First im pleased to present to you with this copy of Gods precious word. Enjoy reading it. I'm Balikuddembe Joseph from the Youth Country Missionary Club of Uganda.[BJ]


I Joseph i thank the man called Jim for the good spirit he has!!.We prayed to God to provide us with the money for the crusade and God really provided. So other members where worried and reached to an extent of saying that we are not going to praise and thank God for the gift of life .I told them ,my friends don't worry let us just trust God CAUSE HE SAID THAT '' ASK YOU WILL BE GIVEN .''They kept on saying that we don't think that we shall go.In fact he will provide!![prov,3;5-6 ]


I had a brother of mine the last born in our family. He refused to study,he dropped the school.This brother was taken by the worldliness as the Bible says'' Do not love the world or the things in the world.'if any one loves the world the love the farther is not in him.He used to drink excessively, enjoyed night clubs ,smoking and many other evil things.unfortunately my farther is not saved but my mother is saved!!i and my mother we prayed to my brother. I was at school last year and my mother informed me that Joseph praise the lord your brother is now changing from bad manners, but continue praying to God so that he change completely.this year after the crusade my brother is now OK/good.Now I'm trying to preach him during my holiday. I want him to be saved like me!!.pray for me.


I used to play football with my mates a lot, then I joined a club and I got really good. What with regular training and all but when i went down the play ground to play , nobody wanted me in their team any more and i didn't understand it at first but then i realised that it was all about jealous due to so much winning. I missed a few shots a few times and suddenly it all become a whole lot easier.


I would like any person to answer me this questions and we share the world of God.
what Does God require of us?

why Jesus came on earth as a human being?

what would one do in order to get future blessings and fortunes


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Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Praise the Lord. My name is Joseph Ndalike. If you have been following the stories about YCMC, i know all the information was well described. I have come to tell you about our foundation. We call it the YOUTH COUNTRY MISSIONARIES CLUB. The founders are three and at the same time we are the leaders. My friend Moses had a burning desire to go out and change the world. To the salvated world. At first it sounded crazy. When he told Missionary Jim about this he just encouraged him. I said oh this is an elder can he accept this. Lord arrange His things. I saw Jim excited to here about this. That day after our meeting i went back home and i thought about this. I asked my self questions. Why? This is impossible. The Lord gave me the answer. I feeled some thing in soul telling Moses will need your help, You can do this. At the next morning i went to see Moses. I told him we can do this. So we started like that. We had a friend called JB. So we had to call Jim and told him that we are going to start with a Door to Door mission. As usual he encouraged us and he gave us guidance and confidence. He is a good man. So we started by moving to villages. We usually moved long distances on foot but doing the Lord's work. It was not easy at first b'se i feared challenges. Jim helped us and got for us a sponsor to donate a bike Praise the Lord. The bike reduced on the long distance and made them short. Jim went back to America and we continued our mission. We got challenges at first, but after reading the Bible Verse that challenges are blessings, so we used up to them. We registered many members and we encouraged them to accept Jesus. They did. I wondered how simple our work was. That time the news of the crusade came in. We sat as a group and discussed about that issue. The members agreed every one to contribute his or her best to the budget of the Crusade. Praise the Lord every one did so. We requested Jim kindly to help us and add 400,000/= for the transport back here and feed. The crusade was in Namboole Kampala. The Lord provided, Jim contributed this money. At first the members were 40 and at end of the arrangements they were 42, so each one needed 10,000/= to top up. We thank Moses for the arrangements he made. Jim sent the money and we had to go. We thank you very much Jim for this and May the Lord reward you abondantly. It was a big festival in Namboole full of Holy Spirit. I will tell you more about what happened in the Crusade.
I kindly request any one with any thing He or She can donate to Jim so that he came fulfil God's work in Uganda. The Lord sent him to serve Him not to serve man. Please help him so that he can fulfil Lord's work.
We love you Jim and Robby for the good work done.