Jireh Ministries Foundation was founded by Jim Fruehan, in 2006 within a year after his wife, Robyn, returned from a life changing 2-week trip to Uganda.  After reading Rick Warren’s “A Purpose Driven Life,” Robyn went to the African nation with Believers World Outreach, a church in Oklahoma that coordinates several missionary trips throughout the world.  During her trip, she spent a brief time at a children’s center where she met a pastor.  She made a commitment to the pastor that she would get him to the United States.  After she returned home, God never let her forget that he had placed it on her heart to bring the pastor to the United States to share his ministry.

Robyn worked diligently to raise funds and plan for his trip to the USA, because she saw the need to help the people of Uganda. As Jim and Robyn studied this country they learned more about all the needs and how so many children did not have a lot of things including families. Jim says; “It was at that time, with the persuasion of the Lord, that I decided to start Jireh Ministries Foundation.”

Because they saw the need to live in Uganda in order to make sure the ministry is administered properly, Jim and Robyn uprooted their settled life in America. They sold their home, quit their construction business and moved to Uganda in 2008. The word Jireh means “to provide” taken from Genesis 22:14 where it says Jehovah Jireh or The Lord Will Provide. Jim and Robyn live by this scripture.
While living in Uganda for three years, they opened and operated an NGO under the name of He Will Provide Ministries and opened The Door of Hope Children’s Center.  During this time Jim & Robyn established relationships with several other Christian Ministries from North America and Europe.  From the beginning of helping just one ministry in Uganda they we have grown and developed into a Ministry that believes in the people of Uganda. They have come along side of local Ugandan churches, organizations and individuals. They have been involved in Evangelism, Hospital & Prison Ministries.  They piped in running water to a local orphanage / church ministry, led a Christian youth group, and assisted many people to help them achieve higher levels of education.  Many lives have been saved because they provided them funds for medical care.  On the spiritual side, Jim shared the Gospel twice a week on Radio Equator, which covered a huge area of remote villages reaching many people. 

In 2010 He Will Provide Ministries joined Love In Action, a UK Charity, to combine their resources in Uganda. This arrangement also made it possible that the organization in Uganda is properly administered at all times.  In Uganda, this is a challenge that many organizations have faced.

This new union would provide two separate compounds; the Hosanna House for Girls and The Hallelujah House for boys.  These compounds are on purchased property with their own buildings.  We all have been quite pleased with how God has joined together the children from both sides as they became united as one family.  The children join together for meals daily and on Sunday evening have fellowship, where they sing and dance and praise the Lord.  Just listen and follow the sounds of the drums and voices!

All of this is made possible by donations of faithful people that believe in what we are doing.
Jireh Ministries Foundation

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