Thursday, July 31, 2008


So you want to sponsor a child and you don't see them on our web site. Well, here are a few reasons to go ahead and get started now.

We know that we have had a lot of visitors to the Children's Center this year already, maybe since April about 150 missionaries. You see first hand the needs of all the children. And maybe you get attached to one child and want to help, but decide to wait until we have the photos up on our site.

We have to photo all the children and document the profiles etc. This is all done by our volunteers and most of it was done by one person, Janet Ohlig, our Child Sponsorship Coordinator. She had a few volunteers in February of 2007 and she had a few more volunteers this month helping her. Praise the Lord for all you volunteers to help us in all these areas!! But this all takes time and man power. This is why we get excited when people come forward to volunteer with us either back home or here in Uganda at the "project." We need volunteers in all areas. If your gift is in administration and you want to help, then we probably have a place for you. It is a great way to spend some time in another country and work in a ministry using the gifts God gave you. This is important to note; although you may want to help the children, it does not mean you need to work directly with them. We have people work in all areas because each of is unique and has something to offer. We have volunteer applications on our web site.

So if you know you want to sponsor a child and have a name or picture of him or her, then send it to us. You can start now, we just need to know which one or two or more that he / she is and you will be helping all of the children immediately.

Each time one child is sponsored it helps all of the children! We take care of all the children, by feeding and educating them along with housing, etc. We are able to do this with the combined funds of all the sponsored children, because if one is not sponsored we cannot just ignore them and wait to feed them when they finally get sponsored. The Lord Will Provide for us to take care of all the children He sends us. Often times the way the Lord Provides, is through people.

Start today by sending your check or go to our web site and click on the donations button and go to the button that says "$28.00 per month reoccurring donation" This will bring you to our Pay Pal site where you can enter all your billing information. In this area you will write in the notes /memo section the name of your child and description you have. They will eventually have an ID number assigned to them. This way you are helping NOW! You can do the same thing with your check, and you may pay monthly, quarterly or annually. You may also use the automatic bill payment with your bank and you won't have to think about remembering to send it each month. The bank system works well and we do not incur any service charges like Pay Pal.

You see, $28.00 in America, is not much these days, but here it is big! It all adds up and goes very far and makes a huge impact on the lives of these children and to the teachers and staff that we pay from these funds. This is less than a dollar a day, which everyone uses the cost of a cup of coffee at the premium gourmet coffee house for a few dollars a cup. We just need to compare it to the corner convienience store.

So you want to sponsor a child? We are ready! Are you?

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

H2O8 UPDATE 7/31/08

We recently received six donations from Tennessee! This was generated from the Franklin Christian Academy Missionary Team that was here in April.
They went back home and did some fund raising for our H2O8 Water Project.

We are now up to: Drum Roll Please! $5455.00
Praise the Lord for all of His Blessings!

Monday, July 21, 2008


A missionary recently asked me; "What is your favorite thing about being here"?

My answer is seeing and working with all the missionaries that come to help. It is amazing seeing the Lord's work in action. He works through so many people in so many different ways. Each has their own special gift to give. And some don't even know what their gift is until it is unveiled. Each person leaves their mark, in people, in the children, in each other, in a building that they may have constructed or repaired. There are so many things a person can do.

We all were recently encouraged to see Melissa here from the BWO team. She was here in a wheel chair, with team members making accommodations for her to make it a little easier to get around. The rough terrain up here is not ADA compliant. The construction team came up with a way for her to use the toilet. Now the toilets here can make the strongest person gasp, but that was not a challenge for Melissa. She had children around her all the time, praying with them and showing them her bible and one day just showing the kids her little toes. Melissa is just so real and just loves life. She brought joy to everyone. And then you see her under the water tower with a pick helping to dig, she fit in there better than anyone else. What an inspiration to the children. What an inspiration to me!

In April we had about ten teens with their leaders here from Franklin Christian Academy from Tennessee who built six bathing areas. What a spiritually grounded group. They found time to build with bricks and mortar and then play with the kids. It is so great to see this young energetic enthusiasm for the Lord. They were up for all the challenges that came. They were here to serve and that's what they did. The leadership was superb!

In June, we had about 60 with Believers World Outreach, headquartered in Oklahoma, but from all over the USA. They came with a Medical Team, Evangelism Team, a Construction Team and a Children's Center Team. Wow! Amazing seeing a large group, so organized and Spiritually grounded! They practiced leadership faithfully and obediently. The things you throw at these teams are just no big deal for them. Because they all had Jesus in their heart. Challenges were welcome, hard work was expected by them, and they didn't know how to complain about anything. You need some holes dug and you hear "OK, where and how many do you need"! You need the medical team to see a whole bunch of kids in one day, "OK bring them on!" You need a team to pray or teach the kids and they are there. Even one day the Children's Center Team joined the Construction Team to help them get through their list. They left us with one more bonus... Lauren Chavez is staying on until August to help us with our Child Sponsorship Program. Praise the Lord, God bless Lauren, what a way to spend your summer break from the University!

Later in June the Texas team of about 12 came. Now they specialize in VBS and what a job they do! I loved seeing how they work with the kids teaching them praise and worship songs. Not just songs but pantomime sign language songs. The kids knew them all in no time and they really loved it. This group was with these kids all the time especially in the evening they would spend time with a different family every night doing worship and praise. They were staying on the mountain without any of the hotel amenities. In the day time they were helping in the classrooms. This group was so Spiritually grounded and they knew their purpose here. What did they leave behind? Well, besides all the great songs and love , they left us with Sara Perchan to be a teacher here for one year to teach a primary class. What a blessing she is, she gave up a home and a life in the USA to come here where there is no electricity, barely running water and definitely no hot water, and no salary, to work with kids! Raise your hand if you have Jesus in your heart!

Presently we have two groups from Livingstone of Holland here working at both Children's Centers in Kissagazi and Kyabazala working on construction projects. They are constructing dining buildings and classrooms. We are going to be blessed by a second set of teams in a few weeks.

We are looking forward to hosting a team from Israel in August. This will be their first visit to Jireh Ministries. We are looking forward to adding another nation and Mission Partner to our roster.

You may have noticed one common thread to a successful mission team. It is so important for a team to be Spiritually Grounded! Because one of my favorite things about "my favorite things" is, being with them at their evening worship time. This is where you hear how God has worked in peoples hearts and real stories that are making permanent changes in peoples lives!

God bless the missionaries! We thank all of the team members for a job well done.
Jim Fruehan

Saturday, July 19, 2008


Here is an update on the H2O8 water well project at Jireh Children's Center.
Praise the Lord, we have $5250.00 toward the project. The amount collected so far is from the World Water Day event in Billings Montana for $1250.00 and one private donation for $4000.00 This is a great start, we are half way to the preliminary estimate. We are still waiting on the hydrologist to make his visit to the mountain and identify the drill location. He will also supply us with the true estimate for this project. Clean healthy water here in Uganda is a real blessing. Can you imagine if you could not drink the tap water in your home. I know that I preferred the taste of bottled water, but if I did drink out of the tap it would not bring parasites and make me sick. You know, the water is actually brown when it comes out of the tap. It is so easy to live in our own little world and not realize how other people may live. I thank God that He sent us here to help and He continues to work through people to make these things happen. Thank you for your support!
We continue to believe that The Lord Will Provide.
If you wish to contribute to this project, please write H208 in the memo on your check or in the “notes” on PayPal through our web site

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

More on The Story of Joseph and Moses

Well it has been a couple of months since I wrote about Joseph and Moses. The story just gets better and better. I met with these two extraordinary boys today. Now Joseph is 18 and Moses is 16. I found out that Moses lives with his four brothers and sisters and the eldest sister is the caretaker of the family. His mother and father have passed away. His sister sends him to the boarding school and somehow manages to keep the school fees paid and supports this family. Now Joseph just lives up the street from Moses and is also in senior 4 level of school and he lives with his Grandma.
So where do I begin or continue this story?
These guys wanted to meet with me so I managed my way over to there village and tracked them down. Moses tells me that after Sunday service which is a Catholic Mass at his boarding school, that him and a few other boys got permission and coordinated a "Born Again Service" for all the "Born Again Kids." I was surprised that they were able to do this and that they took the initiative to make it happen. He said they have a group of about twelve kids that attend. Furthermore, they tell me of their vision for the future. They said that besides themselves they have one other friend and that they are going to do evangelism and bring Jesus to other kids and that they plan on going door to door and they proceed to tell me that they plan on getting about three hundred kids saved. Moses tells me that he has a burning desire to do this. Now I know what he is talking about. I know what the burning desire is to serve the Lord, I just can't believe what I am hearing. They said the only thing they really needed was about three bibles. As we spoke, these "new born-again Christians" are quoting bible verses and telling me how their life has changed and how they want that for other youth everywhere. I am just getting overwhelmed at this point and think how inspiring these boys are to me. And then they tell me that I am inspiring to them. The Lord works in mysterious ways for sure. So we had some extra donated bibles that we were saving for the right time, and we were honored to help equip these young disciples to go out and preach. To see this much enthusiasm from two young boys is just amazing. They have so much joy and passion for the Lord, I just didn't want to leave their company. I told them they were an answer to my prayers because I have been wanting to see local people become missionaries in their own country. This is important here because there is a lot of missionaries in this country coming from far away. I wanted the people here to see that they too can be a missionary. The Lord works through all of us if we let Him. The boys and I were thinking back on this story and they agreed, that us meeting as we did at the Internet store was truly God. They said they don't even know why they were there that day, because they were not using the Internet, they were just hanging out, (waiting to be saved).
As you may recall; All I did was invite them to church!

Please remember to pray for them.