Saturday, July 19, 2008


Here is an update on the H2O8 water well project at Jireh Children's Center.
Praise the Lord, we have $5250.00 toward the project. The amount collected so far is from the World Water Day event in Billings Montana for $1250.00 and one private donation for $4000.00 This is a great start, we are half way to the preliminary estimate. We are still waiting on the hydrologist to make his visit to the mountain and identify the drill location. He will also supply us with the true estimate for this project. Clean healthy water here in Uganda is a real blessing. Can you imagine if you could not drink the tap water in your home. I know that I preferred the taste of bottled water, but if I did drink out of the tap it would not bring parasites and make me sick. You know, the water is actually brown when it comes out of the tap. It is so easy to live in our own little world and not realize how other people may live. I thank God that He sent us here to help and He continues to work through people to make these things happen. Thank you for your support!
We continue to believe that The Lord Will Provide.
If you wish to contribute to this project, please write H208 in the memo on your check or in the “notes” on PayPal through our web site

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lana said...

Thank you for the update on Joseph and Moses - How wonderful to see God working in and through their lives.

We continue to pray for you and that all the money will be raised to drill the well soon.

Love, Lana