Tuesday, July 15, 2008

More on The Story of Joseph and Moses

Well it has been a couple of months since I wrote about Joseph and Moses. The story just gets better and better. I met with these two extraordinary boys today. Now Joseph is 18 and Moses is 16. I found out that Moses lives with his four brothers and sisters and the eldest sister is the caretaker of the family. His mother and father have passed away. His sister sends him to the boarding school and somehow manages to keep the school fees paid and supports this family. Now Joseph just lives up the street from Moses and is also in senior 4 level of school and he lives with his Grandma.
So where do I begin or continue this story?
These guys wanted to meet with me so I managed my way over to there village and tracked them down. Moses tells me that after Sunday service which is a Catholic Mass at his boarding school, that him and a few other boys got permission and coordinated a "Born Again Service" for all the "Born Again Kids." I was surprised that they were able to do this and that they took the initiative to make it happen. He said they have a group of about twelve kids that attend. Furthermore, they tell me of their vision for the future. They said that besides themselves they have one other friend and that they are going to do evangelism and bring Jesus to other kids and that they plan on going door to door and they proceed to tell me that they plan on getting about three hundred kids saved. Moses tells me that he has a burning desire to do this. Now I know what he is talking about. I know what the burning desire is to serve the Lord, I just can't believe what I am hearing. They said the only thing they really needed was about three bibles. As we spoke, these "new born-again Christians" are quoting bible verses and telling me how their life has changed and how they want that for other youth everywhere. I am just getting overwhelmed at this point and think how inspiring these boys are to me. And then they tell me that I am inspiring to them. The Lord works in mysterious ways for sure. So we had some extra donated bibles that we were saving for the right time, and we were honored to help equip these young disciples to go out and preach. To see this much enthusiasm from two young boys is just amazing. They have so much joy and passion for the Lord, I just didn't want to leave their company. I told them they were an answer to my prayers because I have been wanting to see local people become missionaries in their own country. This is important here because there is a lot of missionaries in this country coming from far away. I wanted the people here to see that they too can be a missionary. The Lord works through all of us if we let Him. The boys and I were thinking back on this story http://www.hewillprovide.blogspot.com/2008/05/story-of-joseph-and-moses.html and they agreed, that us meeting as we did at the Internet store was truly God. They said they don't even know why they were there that day, because they were not using the Internet, they were just hanging out, (waiting to be saved).
As you may recall; All I did was invite them to church!

Please remember to pray for them.

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