Thursday, July 31, 2008


So you want to sponsor a child and you don't see them on our web site. Well, here are a few reasons to go ahead and get started now.

We know that we have had a lot of visitors to the Children's Center this year already, maybe since April about 150 missionaries. You see first hand the needs of all the children. And maybe you get attached to one child and want to help, but decide to wait until we have the photos up on our site.

We have to photo all the children and document the profiles etc. This is all done by our volunteers and most of it was done by one person, Janet Ohlig, our Child Sponsorship Coordinator. She had a few volunteers in February of 2007 and she had a few more volunteers this month helping her. Praise the Lord for all you volunteers to help us in all these areas!! But this all takes time and man power. This is why we get excited when people come forward to volunteer with us either back home or here in Uganda at the "project." We need volunteers in all areas. If your gift is in administration and you want to help, then we probably have a place for you. It is a great way to spend some time in another country and work in a ministry using the gifts God gave you. This is important to note; although you may want to help the children, it does not mean you need to work directly with them. We have people work in all areas because each of is unique and has something to offer. We have volunteer applications on our web site.

So if you know you want to sponsor a child and have a name or picture of him or her, then send it to us. You can start now, we just need to know which one or two or more that he / she is and you will be helping all of the children immediately.

Each time one child is sponsored it helps all of the children! We take care of all the children, by feeding and educating them along with housing, etc. We are able to do this with the combined funds of all the sponsored children, because if one is not sponsored we cannot just ignore them and wait to feed them when they finally get sponsored. The Lord Will Provide for us to take care of all the children He sends us. Often times the way the Lord Provides, is through people.

Start today by sending your check or go to our web site and click on the donations button and go to the button that says "$28.00 per month reoccurring donation" This will bring you to our Pay Pal site where you can enter all your billing information. In this area you will write in the notes /memo section the name of your child and description you have. They will eventually have an ID number assigned to them. This way you are helping NOW! You can do the same thing with your check, and you may pay monthly, quarterly or annually. You may also use the automatic bill payment with your bank and you won't have to think about remembering to send it each month. The bank system works well and we do not incur any service charges like Pay Pal.

You see, $28.00 in America, is not much these days, but here it is big! It all adds up and goes very far and makes a huge impact on the lives of these children and to the teachers and staff that we pay from these funds. This is less than a dollar a day, which everyone uses the cost of a cup of coffee at the premium gourmet coffee house for a few dollars a cup. We just need to compare it to the corner convienience store.

So you want to sponsor a child? We are ready! Are you?

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