Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Weebale Nnyo

(Thank you very much)

Dear Sponsors and Friends,

  We are so thankful to you for your faithful support to make all of our work in Uganda possible!  Over the past few years, because of your support, we have provided a home for many children, but besides shelter, we have provided love, food, education and most importantly, their spiritual needs.  Our goal has been to teach Christianity and for the children to discover a personal relationship with Jesus.  In addition to the care of our children, we have been able to give medical aid to save lives, bring food to some starving drought stricken villagers and help spread the Gospel to everyone through evangelism, in person and over the radio.  We really want you to know that we could not do this work without you; therefore, this is your story:

This is Moses.  Life on the streets is tough; we had to teach the children how to play!
He carved this truck from a banana tree.

   In 2008, you took in a ten-year-old Muslim street- boy, who spoke no English.  He eventually accepted Jesus and he changed his name to Moses, and after about another year he learned English and became an excellent student in school.  Every Sunday he would sit next to me in church and when he knew that I would soon be leaving to come home, he asked me if I would baptize him before I left, and indeed, before I left we celebrated his 13th birthday and his baptism.  Just this week we were informed, with the assistance of our social worker from Love In Action, that we found his little sister.  He has missed her because he has not seen her since he went on the streets and he has really  been burdened with worry about her. 
To be continued… 
  We give God all the glory for this and we all should be thankful to Him for allowing us to play a part in any of this.  These are real lives being changed through the grace of God!  We really want you to know how important you are to us to help make all of this happen, because the works of this ministry have been very fruitful, praise the Lord!
   As you recall, after a very long time in Uganda, of literally nonstop work, Robyn and I are on furlough in Idaho.  This lengthy journey was not by design, but out of necessity and dedication to the job that just needed to be completed.  You probably have heard the acronym TIA (This Is Africa), what it is referring to is true, nothing is easy in Africa and in fact, some things that are simple back home become very difficult over there.  One of the difficulties in working the mission field is a lack of long-term help from dedicated people, but God has His plans to take care of all our needs.  Unfortunately, in 2009, thieves stole our money that we had set aside for our trip home, so it was a test of faith to see how our Lord would take care of us.  When the Lord decided it was time for a break, He provided the means to make it happen, and we offer a special thank you to those who provided the airfare for both of us to return home.  When God has blessed a plan, it is destined to be successful, and no man can destroy itThis time at home has given us a much-needed rest, and has allowed us time to rejuvenate physically, mentally and spiritually. We feel especially blessed, because God provided a home for us right next door to our daughter Jenny and our son-in-law Todd, and five of our grandchildren, on Lake Coeur d’Alene, Idaho!  We serve an amazing God!
Proverbs 16: 9  In his heart man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps. 
   Remember when we shared the story of our friends, Alan & Beryl Went of “Love In Action,” a Ministry from the UK?  They came to us and offered to take in our children so we could return to the US and leave with the confidence that our children would be properly cared for during our absence from Uganda.  We continue to send funds every month from our sponsorship program to support our kids.  This has become a wonderful relationship with our ministries, and our children have been doing really well.  With this, we see how our Lord has established our steps.
  After much thought and prayers and through the grace of God, we decided that if we combine our Ugandan resources, facilities, and work forces, it would provide the best situation, especially having more people to share the workload.  Love in Action is blessed with capable leaders and a staff; including social workers, who can take care of business and uphold their standards even during the absence of Alan and Beryl while they take periodic breaks.  Most importantly, we are committed to the same goal:  To serve our Lord.  Love In Action arranged to purchase property, with buildings, for our new boy’s home as they had about 60% of the needed funds donated to them for this project.  We were able to contribute $1200.00 towards the purchase of the new boy’s home.  This amount is what we have been able to set aside from various donations other than our regular sponsorship funds we receive.  We need about $1500.00 more to complete this acquisition.  This is really a great situation as there will now be a separate boy’s (Hallelujah House) and girl’s (Hosanna House) compound, and we will save on monthly rental costs. With these combined facilities, we will be able to take care of more children with more efficiency and ultimately do a better job.  We have always strived to be good stewards of God’s money, and we ask for His guidance in all that we do.

This is the new boy’s home!   The locations of the boy and girl’s compounds are now within a 15-minute walking distance to the main facility where meals and fellowship take place.

  Optimistically, Robyn and I are planning to return to Uganda for about five months, sometime around the fall of this year and returning home in the spring of 2012.  This would also place us in a better climate than what we would typically expect in an Idaho winter.  One of the things we will be evaluating this year is the feasibility of hosting short- term mission trips in the future, so please pray about this.  This year’s trip greatly depends on the availability of funds, as we have always paid for our travel expenses with our (now depleted) personal finances.  We have decided it is time to let our needs be known, and we want to give the opportunity to everyone to help make our work possible.  Airline fare for two round trip tickets is about $3500.00, which is one of our larger expenses, but there are several other expenses as well.  For your convenience, an automatic monthly payment ($10, $25 or more) for our support can easily be set up.  If it is the desire of your heart, you may contribute towards our support & mission trips with just a few clicks on our web site with the notation; “Jim & Robyn’s missionary account.” Missionary Donation 

 Since our beginning, from the founding of this ministry and the opening of the Door of Hope to help children and teens in Uganda, we have trusted in the Lord to take care of every detail... and He has.  For sure, the result has not always been what we expected, but we have the assurance that our loving God has our plans for this life and our eternal salvation as His glorious purpose for each of us. 

May God Bless You Abundantly,

Jim & Robyn Fruehan  

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