Monday, January 26, 2009


The new family!

The Lord is providing a new children's home center. We lovingly refer to this project as The Door of Hope! There is such a need for the children of Uganda. Only by the will of God we are going to make this happen! We have a minimum amount of sponsors to finance this. We really need more house sponsors because we are only going to grow at the rate we can afford. The kids are lining up, they need help, but we can't do it without supporters. We are finding that so many of the children at the old children's center are seeing and hearing the difference of care that we provide. We are not providing anything more than the basics but we are not using the children the way they have become accustomed to being treated. The difference can only be the love of God we want to share with them.

To become an uncle or auntie of the first house of the Door of Hope project, just sign up on Pay Pal for $28.00 USD per month. Go to

We are providing shelter, food, clothing and education only by the Grace of God! You will be sponsoring all of the children and will have the chance to write to all of them and see and hear of their progress.

We currently have nine children we are caring for. When we arrive in Uganda this week, we will be moving them into the new house and compound we rented. We are appealing to everyone to get involved! If you can't handle a monthly amount, we can take a one time donation of any amount that you can afford. We don't turn our noses at small donations, because a gift is a gift!
And all things come from God!
Believing HeWillProvide,
Jim Fruehan


Todd and Jenny said...

Can't wait to hear more! Miss you already. We love you.

lana said...

We are praying for you all. I'm sure you've had a joyous and busy reunion - Can't wait to hear from you.