Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Praise the Lord!

We have arrived safely! We have the Internet up and after two days without power, we are back with electricity too! Not too bad for Africa since we just arrived on Friday.

Our newest count of children at the Door of Hope project is seven girls and three boys. The house parents and their two young children are moved in and this family is complete with us as grandma and grandpa (known locally as jaja). How amazing is our God to see this truly blended family in action. We will get some pictures up soon!! These kids look pretty smart in their new school uniforms and you have never seen kids so excited about going to school. All 16 of us eat dinner together every night, we are blessed with a big dining room, we have the dining room table on order so we sit on the floor for now. After supper we pray and worship together and share about the day. The children's ages are between nine and seventeen years. We have some wonderful big brothers and sisters to help with the younger ones, a true family. It is just amazing to see God's hand in all of this. We invite you to lend a hand to all of this too! We can't do this without our supporters. Within the next two weeks we will be welcoming three missionary /volunteers to assist with our programs and we thank God for that.

I also had the opportunity today to meet with the leader of our YCMC youth group. Moses tells me we are up to 45 members now. They are growing in members and in faith. Like I said, it is amazing to see God's hand in all of this!

Praise the Lord!
Jim & Robyn

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