Monday, February 9, 2009

Calling All "Wanna Be's"

We met with several government agencies in the past week. One of the many important agencies is Child Protection Services or simply known world wide as CPS. It is good to know that even here as economically poor the government is, that there is a system in place. We were received very well by CPS and they are more than happy we are here and were excited to hear of what we are doing. We also visited police headquarters where there is a small division that is the enforcement side of CPS. They both have very limited resources.

To give you an example of the need here, I will share this with you. At CPS they were ready to hand over to us for temporary foster care a seven year old child with serious injuries because she had been defiled by her own father. We could not take her at this time because she may be HIV positive and we are not setup for intake of such cases. At the police station they had two boys that needed care, we provided transportation so one boy could be sent back home after being abused by his uncle and somehow ended up here in our town. The other boy needs to be processed through CPS to see what his care is, he seems to be mentally challenged as he was abandoned and left on the streets.

It is good to have such a good reception from these agencies and we see that we are doing what is desperately needed. They are aware of and have approved us to care for all of our children. We now have the protocol setup for any more children coming to us from the children's center that we were once supporting. We are working hand in hand with the proper authorities to help and assist where we can. There seems to be a serious need for immediate placement of children while parents or situations are under investigation, basically a foster care system.

The Lord knows, at this rate we will not have any more room at this facility and will need to open a second home. We will not take in more children than we can properly take care of and have funding for. CALLING ALL "WANNA BE" AUNTS AND UNCLES, WE NEED YOU! The Door of Hope Children's Center is supported by a monthly donation of $28.00 by Aunts and Uncles. Look on the top left of our page to click on "Make a Donation" and it will take you to "Sponsor a Child." Just sign up for any child still on the old list and we will contact you with the new information. We need to make some changes on the web site, but please don't let that stop you from signing up to help. That's the bottom line, this is a group effort, come and join us if you can! We can take a one time donation if you don't want to make a monthly commitment. Please tell your family and friends to lend a hand.

This is real, we are on the front lines. I had a boy at the front gate of our compound this morning that was chased from the "other children's center" because he didn't have school fees. He was sent to us by the police department CPS Division. His history is that his parents were killed in the genocide in Rwanda along with his siblings. He has no one except us to take him in. We have an appointment with CPS to see if they authorize placement with us. We gave him a plate of food and got authorization for temporary custody. How much must a child struggle just to get a little care and an education? John Travis has been at the children's center for a few years and it is sad that it is turning out this way. He told me that he had been denied medical treatment when he was sick and since then he has been having some problems with his right ear.

I sat with him today and read Psalm 68:6 to him and he wanted to write it down so he could review it again later. For this boy that seems everything is taken away, knows he has God!

Have you ever heard a child tell you how his parents were killed? God have mercy on us all!
We do believe the Lord Will Provide!

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