Monday, February 9, 2009

The Lion King

On Saturday we had our first movie night! This was a major event for us for so many reasons. We decided that once a week we will have a movie night following dinner and worship. This Saturday's menu was goat stew with rice, beans and cabbage. What makes our first event so special is because there were many circumstances that had occurred. First of all, just the day before we left America, we were blessed with a projector to show films from a DVD, VCR, or computer. Our home church in Billings Montana, Hope Church, was able to pass on a much needed piece of equipment to us. We had prayed for a projector and the Lord Provided, Amen! This projector is not intended just for movie night at our children's home, but as an outreach tool to bring the message to unbelievers by showing a number of films including the Jesus Film. Thank you Hope Church! (Thanks Pastor Ken for showing me how to work it, and yes the cable worked, and it made it here in one piece, praise the Lord!) While I am at it all 16 pieces of luggage and cargo made it here!

Besides all 16 of the family members, we were honored with some guests. "Dr. Sam" (our sponsored medical student) came in from western Uganda where he is doing his surgical rotation. It was so good to have him here with the new family, and yes he immediately started checking the kids health! We also had invited Pastor Tom, the youth pastor from Masaka Pentecostal Church to join us. He gave a short talk and got to choose his favorite film, The Lion King. Everyone enjoyed the movie, as we were just amazed that we were viewing a big screen right here in our African living room. We never dreamed we would have a home theater and blessed with a livingroom large enough to accommodate all these people! Praise God!

Now as blessings go, Pastor Tom was very excited when I told him that we intended for this projector to be used for outreaches too! Part of our mission statement is to assist individuals and ministries to do the Lord's work. Pastor Tom just loves the youth and wants to bring the message of the good news our Lord to unbelievers. We have Pastor Ken on fire for youth in America and Pastor Tom on fire for the youth in Uganda, do you see how God works?

There was a lot of blessings going on here Saturday night including the biblical comparisons in The Lion King! I told you there were a lot of circumstances that led up to this event, and here is one more. It is quite often that we lose power here in Uganda, as our regular readers know, because I have mentioned it a few times in the past. Yep, you guessed it, power went off in the early afternoon on Saturday and we thought; Well there goes our movie night! We will see if the Lord provides power for us. About one hour before dinner the electricity is back on and we had one more thing to celebrate and be thankful for!

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