Saturday, February 28, 2009

There's no place like home!

I had a few inquiries regarding our story entitled "One Boy's Story;" who is it, or is it ...? The story is about one particular boy and we were protecting his identity so he wouldn't be subjected to anymore harassment from the people at the children's center while we were working on his case. Unfortunately this story could have been about any number of kids.

We are happy to say that David is safe and in our family now. He has a bed to sleep in and will have plenty to eat. We don't know how soon we can enroll him in school because he is a senior four level and senior school is a bit expensive and we need to wait for additional funding. Please pray for additional sponsors for our home. We know the Lord will provide when the time is right. It also would be a challenge because this term has already started for about three weeks now. Although he would need a placement test, I think he can do it because he seems very bright, speaks English very well and has a lot of determination.

He is extremely happy to be here and the kids screamed with delight when we told them he would be joining us the next day. Rock said it was an answer to his prayers. It is so good to see God working right before our eyes. David is a true delight to have here and we all love him. We thank Jesus for blessing us with his presence.

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