Wednesday, February 25, 2009

When I grow up I Want To Be A Journalist!

We recently had a conversation about our goals in life and everyone shared what their ambition is after finishing secondary school. Jennifer wants to be a journalist, so here is her first story!

I send greetings to all of our supporters all over the world. May the almighty King bless you. I hereby write this letter telling you of our lives before we met Grandpa Jim and Grandma Robyn.
We moved for ages through the thick forest of life whose breath is thorny and strong. Trying not to get hurt yet we were hurt looking for an open heart but found none.

At the end of the road after numerous falls when hurt had it's thorns deep. We finally saw rays of light shining from one heart and then we looked up to see who live in this beautiful heart.

All we saw in that beautiful heart was Grandpa Jim and Grandma Robyn who welcomed us, protecting us from pain and the love they show us can never be compared to anything.

Most of us have no relatives. For a long time we were looking for someone to open up his / her heart for us because we really had a difficult journey and needed someone by our side.

We are now like a family, always happy with our beautiful relatives, Grandpa Jim, Grandma Robyn, Dad Brian, Mummy Eunice and our older sister Rita.

We really don't know what we can do or say to let you know the happiness in our lives. Grandma Robyn and Grandpa Jim have cured the wound we had within our heart.

May God bless all those that have supported us. We are here and happy because of you. May the almighty King guide you in all your paths and may you see success in all your works.

We love you and pray for you.
Love, Jennifer Asante Yesu.

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Gipe Family said...

Amazing!! Thank you so much for sharing Gram and Gramps. We sure miss you here in the states, but we are so thankful God has taken you to the other side of the world to comfort those in pain and teach them of our dear savior. I love reading your blog. Please keep posting these amazing experiences. We love you both!!
When I think of you two I think of a verse in Philippians
Do NOTHING out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves.