Thursday, March 5, 2009

God's Blessing With Water

I always find it amazing how God lets us think we know what we are doing, but really it is His plans that are being carried out. Now this reminds me of what being humble really means. I find this so incredible because it has happened to me many times, and I think I should be thankful for this too. This is why one my favorite verses is Proverbs 16:9 it says; In his heart man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps. Our regular Bloggers know that this isn't the first time I quoted this verse.

Today along with our volunteer Rob, I went to our favorite village church, God's Revival Church. This church is one of our projects that we help assist where we can. We visited with Pastors Gerald and Betty Kasozi. Our main purpose was to talk about raising chickens. Rob's family has raised chickens in America and we thought we would see where we can help. We talked about how many chickens they should start with and about nests for laying eggs and also about food and water. Then I asked; "Betty, where do you get your water?" Because suddenly I realized, that after all these times that I have been to their church, I really have never seen their source of water?

This is where our conversation turned! She said that they fill their Jerry cans with water from a neighboring tap. This is a typical way to get water here in Uganda and it usually costs about 200 Shillings for each 20 liter can that is filled. I am thinking about all the 30,000 bricks that they had made from their own mud, that they had to bring in water for, besides all the other daily needs of water for themselves and their animals.

I asked about what it would take for them to get their own tap. They knew all the information, because they thought someday that it might be possible to get water. Water, as you can imagine, is a very big deal here as well as anywhere on earth, it is a key eliminate to our survival. I then proceeded to tell them about our H2O8 Project. Some of you will recall when we started the water project last March. That is when we participated in World Water Day in Billings Montana. We received some funding from the event which primed our project. Then throughout the year we received some other donations for water. We initially planned on digging a well for the other ministry that we were originally assisting. But since the Lord redirected us to work in other areas, I often asked Him, what are we to do with the water project funds? Well today the Lord told me the answer to that question. When I told Betty and Gerald the good news that we had the funds for them to have water, they raised their hands in the air and said; "Praise God!" Yes, Praise God, thank you Jesus for allowing me to be part of your wonderous work!

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