Thursday, November 6, 2008

Joseph, Moses, and Joseph

Yes there are two Josephs'. We call the second Joseph BJ, so to keep it straight who we are talking about, yes this was the American's idea because you don't want to tackle his African name, BALIKUDDEMBE JOSEPH.

Now the group has a name: Youth Country Missionaries Club. The leaders tell me they have 40 members signed up to go on a Crusade! This is exciting. This is really amazing!! You see, these kids, yes kids, have signed up to go on a crusade so they can "show people that they are the seeds which fall on the fertile soil." They will move with their posters to show themselves as a group. I received a list with each name and how much each has saved for this event. This is from 2500 to 5000 Shillings each. This is huge, it is hard for these kids to come up with just 500 schillings (which is about 25 US cents) They need about 400,000 ugx more for food and return transportation. We all believe that the Lord Will provide.

Have you been following the story of Joseph and Moses here in our blog? This is totally amazing. This is truly the fruits of the Spirit. These young boys got saved and now they lead a group of evangelists. These guys have small groups at their schools where they do what born again Christians do, pray and read their bibles. And they have meetings with the entire group as well for events such as this crusade they are planning to attend.

This is a youth group in action without an adult leader! Just three young guys who want others to know about Jesus. A Prayer Warrior (Joseph), an Evangelist (BJ) and a Preacher (Moses).

So you say wow, their parents are doing a good job raising these kids and they must be pastor kids or something of that sort. But what I can tell you is that they are by true definition, orphans. They live with siblings and have a good loving family. In fact some of the families have even become more prayerful since these boys have been saved. They have seen the effects of Jesus in there lives. They will be writing here in our blog as soon as they can get some computer time saved up to go to Africa Point; if you recall, that is the Internet cafe where we met, when all this began. Praise the Lord! I thank Him for allowing me to see this, it is truly a gift to me from God. Remember to invite someone to church! You may never know how important that invitation might be.

I can't wait to get back to Africa to meet up with this group again and I would love to see all 40 youth together and get a picture of that! Wouldn't that be awesome?

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