Sunday, November 23, 2008

My Life Story

By Kasozi Moses

Oh since the story on how we met (Moses, Joseph and Jim) is clearly described let me tell my life story. I call this a life story because many things have changed in our area, my family and my life so am not wrong to call this a life story.One day I was chatting with my friends and I told them about a dream I had.This was how I told them: - “Hey guys some time I get dreams which really looks funny,One day I dreamed when am in a salvation World, when every one have accepted Jesus has his savior, where there are no enemies, no wars peace only”. They laughed! They had and I don’t blame them because all of us we were not true believers by then.I was a catholic by then.Few years later Lord arranged a meeting at the Africa point which am proud of. A meeting which have brought change. I call this a Lord arrangement because I used to meet new people Born-Again, neither whites nor blacks from different countries and we usually chatted and we usually finished with only chatting happiness. The meeting with Jim was a different.Do you see how things go on!Jim invited us to the church. I had to go because I had a dream of the world of salvation. I had to go and see what takes place there. I enjoyed my first time in the church and I had to accept Jesus has my savior.My dreams where incomplete and funny on my side.The day after the church (Monday) I dreamed of becoming a missionary. This came to me after knowing the story of Jim and how he has been working.Really after Jim telling me about his ministry, he inspired me and I said I will become a missionary too. This was very funny to tell people because me the poor Moses I had nothing to start with in my missionary work. In my primary level I usually studied about missionariesAnd there work in Uganda. They built school and hospitals. They did this using money.By that time I had started reading the Bible. I came across a verse which gave confidence and it increased my faith. It was WHY WAS THIS OINTMENT NOT SOLD FOR THREE HUNDRED DENARII AND GIVEN TO THE POOR PEOPLE?I said poverty is not a sin, I can do some thing am going to start with what I have.I experienced a burning desire of going out and start with my age mates in our village.I sat down with my friends (JB & JOSEPH) and we decided to start up a mission with is going to fulfill my dream of the world of salvation.We introduced a new method of starting our missionary work. We introduced aDoor to Door method.
Oh my net time is over I will continue with my life story part 2 very soon.

Kasozi Moses

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Jireh Ministries Foundation, Inc said...

Thank you Moses for this testiomony, this is a very special tribute to our Lord on how incredible He works through us and how alive He really is. Thank your sister for lending you the 1000 schillings to write this story.