Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My Life Story part 2

By Kazosi Moses

I thank you for reading my life story part 1. Here come a new part. Firstly, i would like to thank Mr. Jim and his wife Robby for what they have done for my life, they have really done a wonderful job. Secondly i would like to thank the family which donated a Door to Door bike which have helped us in our mission. Really i thank every one. My second part is compared of many things.- How we started- What we use- Challenges we have passed through- The kind of people we have metand many more. Last time i stoped when i had told you about the burning desire i had.By that time school time was approching and i used to take my studies from St. John's Kabuwooke S.S.S. This school was is a catholic church based school. What do you think here?A priest Head master! what can i say the Adminstartion with only Priests, a nun in the burser's offices, a brother who is the director of studies!. Do you see that things couldn't be easy for some one who is saying " am a born again". In fact a first i feared to tell my friends tathat i had accepted Jesus as my savior. I feared the adminstration very muchhhhhhhhhhhh.I said Lord according to the Bible, challenges are blessings from God. Now this was a blessing. I gained comfidence form no where. What i remember one night i had some thing telling me that you don't have time, go and see the adminstration. That morning i had to go. As usual, the Head master's office was ful time quite. At first i feared. I knocked."come in"i had that voice. I had never seen the Head master smileing. Praise the Lord. The HM said my son what do you what? with a smile. It was a miracle. Sir you know democracy i one of the aims of our school, and in fact here show balance in many things. Sir i accepted Jesus as my savior.So what he asked? Sir here we have many Born Agains and i was proposing that let us also have a chance. What chance? he asked. am saying we want to praise as we born agains. The HM said ok i will see what we can do.It was a monday remember. On thursday he called me and told me the good news."KASOZI NO PROBLEM ARRANGE YOUR SERVICES ON SUNDAY AFTER THE CATHOLIC SERVICE" it was a miracle!. I started looking for Born agains in our school. It was not an easy work because some one could not tell you thet he/she was a Bornagain. They were also fearing the adminstration. The Lord made my work for searching Born Agains easier. In only one week i managed to get 12 members.PRAISE THE LORD. He moved like that looking for more and more.The term had to end and i had to come back home. I had to tell the story to Jim and my friends.B.J and J.N they also agreed to do the same in their schools. They had started a door to door mission and they had got 17 youth. It was not a bad starting. We usually moved long distances like 7km on foot. We had to tell Jim about this. Jim and his wife came to meet us and we took a short video coverage. We were asking if any one helped us to atleast one Bike so that we would use it in our door to door mission. Jin and his wife came to see us in the next week. We talked about many things. They told us about a certain family."There is a family which donated a bike" wow it was very an belivable. on the nettime.But i would like to take this oppotunity to thank the family which donated a bike.May the Lord bless all of you. Part 3 is coming
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