Saturday, June 5, 2010

Friends, Fellowship, and Jesus!

Thank You Jesus! 
 We Praise You For Providing For Us!

We always need to see the Lord working in everything we do.  The little things are really important because so many times it is all the little things summed up together that makes the big picture!  The Lord has provided friends for us to lean on during times of need, whether it be spiritual fellowship or friends to share a meal with.  We have become friends with other people here that have a ministry similar to ours.  This has become very important to us lately because I am doing this alone as Robyn has been in the states since February.  

On one of our visits to the "English Garden" in 2009, under a magnificent Mango Tree!

We recently began a weekly fellowship for the kids with our friends Alan and Beryl Went at Love In Action, who are from the UK.  If you have ever been here to Uganda you will know them as Masaka Internet Cafe, it is one of the branches of their ministry.  You may remember the English gardens we visited a while back and that is where our group photo / Christmas card was snapped. So on Sunday evenings we have dinner and fellowship.  It makes a nice size group of about 30 and the kids play the drums and sing worship songs and then we have a bible study!  This has been a real gift to me to have some help with our kids.  

I have said it before, but it is amazing seeing the Lord work right before our eyes.  I just shared with you recently of some of our needs that are just not covered by sponsorship money.  In fact it takes a few sponsors to take care of just one child.  By the time we provide shelter, clothes, food, education, healthcare, etc., well it all adds up past the pledged amounts! So each month we wait and see how the Lord is "going to do it"  this time.  To me it is a regular miracle because somehow the Lord puts it on someone's heart to take care of whatever need the Lord sees fit!  Many times it is just the right dollar amount needed to purchase some much needed  supplies, pay for school fees, purchase school uniforms, or even in Robyn's case when someone donated specifically for her airline ticket to get home for a much needed rest!

  So it tells us that the Lord knows our needs
we should be patient and have faith in Him! 

I know when we are ready to announce our new direction for growth, it will be at that time that the Lord will begin funding for that project.  I also have faith that the Lord will provide a day off soon so I can kick back and rest a bit, after 16 months I think I am overdue!  But God knows our needs! 

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Colleen said...

Thank you for the encouragement. I am trying to raise funds for a mere week-long mission, and it has been challenging. But I know God will provide and it will be amazing to see God's work in Haiti!