Sunday, June 27, 2010

Working Together For A Common Purpose

Tonight as I was driving a truckload of kids, African style, I thought how amazing God really is.
We had about 18 of us loaded for the journey!  Here this is a pretty normal way to transport from one point to another.  They have school trucks here instead of school buses, if that gives you any indication of our methods of transportation, in fact I have been in the bed of a pickup truck several time.  Actually the journey over our bumpy roads keeps you in about second gear at tops for most of the short trip to the  homes.

We had fellowship tonight at Love In Action's compound.  This is a Sunday event that we participate in, first we have supper and then the fellowship.  We have drums and worship music singing in Lugandan and English, pretty awesome!  We have some talented children sing, drumming, and dancing all to the Lord!  We have  a small sermon on the Word, which tonight was given by Peter our resident advisor for the boys.  What is really cool is this; Love in Actions compound is just up the road from Equator Radio, where Jennifer and I share the Word on Saturday and Sunday evenings.  So After the fellowship we walk or get a lift to the radio station and do our half hour show and then we meet back with the others and we journey home at about 10:00 PM.

So why was I thinking; "God is so amazing" on the way home tonight?  Well, Alan from Love In Action is on his way to the UK and Beryl was taking him to the airport.  So neither one of them was here to do the regular transporting of the kids home after the service.  And I don't have a truck, our ministry fleet is a motorcycle.  I am driving the Eagles Wings Truck, because one of their girls stays with the Love In Action girls (Hosanna House), as they are located about two blocks from Eagles Wings.  Eagles Wings is our very close neighbor, just about  the distance of a city block from our compound.

So why I think God is so amazing is because He has all of us working together for a common cause, His Cause!  We all recognize it is God's ministries that He has appointed us to run.  We all have our specialty services and projects we each offer, but we all have Jesus Christ as our common focus.  So as I was driving I was thinking; He Will Provide Ministries (USA) is driving the Eagles Wings (Canada) truck transporting kids from the three ministries who were fellowshipping at the Love In Action (UK) compound.  In the "real world" we would be competitors!  Could you imagine two companies sharing  their trucks or facilities?

Thank you Jesus, we are truly blessed doing your work and seeing how you provide for our every need!

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Because you were in the top nine for participation in my community, you were spotlighted as a Rockin' Friend this week

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