Friday, June 11, 2010

He Said "I Will Take Care Of Everything"

When we patiently wait for God's answers
 they will eventually come!

Our first night at the Door of Hope. (January 2009)
God sets the lonely in families Psalm 68:6

We never knew the length of time God wanted us in Africa, so a lot of things in our lives have been up in the air. Our plan has been to be obedient to His calling.   As a matter of fact we both have been spread a little thin, especially lately with Robyn on one end of the world and me on the other.  Basically we manage two ministries to make all this happen, Jireh Ministries Foundation in the USA (the support) and He Will Provide Ministries here in Uganda (the Project).  Robyn has been in America since the end of January and she really has needed me to assist with a few things back home, as many of you know our story, we still have vehicles to sell and belongings that are in storage. We are eager to reunite, especially since this is the longest that Robyn and I have been apart in our 34 years of marriage, and it is time for me to see our "other family" including our six grandchildren!

Since this ministry involves the lives of children it is a non stop operation, in taking care of all of their needs, clothing, food, medical, school, along with their spiritual welfare. The children have not been without at least one of us since we began this home in January 2009, and that is a long stretch without a day off.  Through God's infinite wisdom and mercy, He called upon some friends to offer to help care for our children so we could have a break! Praise God! Yes they offered!  They listened to God!  I don't know for how long and I don't have a flight scheduled or the money for the fare, but for now I will leave that in God's hands too.  I hear him saying; "I Will Take Care Of Everything!" 

Robyn Fruehan and Beryl Went (pictured with Hadra)
For an afternoon of fellowship in 2009

After their offer to assist us, we have made arrangements with Alan and Beryl Went of "Love In Action" to care for and watch over our children in our absence.  Love in Action is a UK charity and a Ugandan NGO who are blessed with a large enough staff to perform their good works, as they have been doing for quite a few years. Our children have known and fellowshipped with Love In Action since our beginning, so they are not strangers.  They will continue with basically the same love and care they are accustomed to and we are assured they will be provided with the proper care!  Of course our children will continue to be financially supported through our sponsorship program.

 This actually is a good step forward in our growth, as most Directors including the Went's are able to leave their project for holiday breaks throughout the year.  Because we are still small in number without a staff we have not had this opportunity until now, but our Lord God has Provided for us!  The Lord has proven that He does not have boundaries and is able to move mountains in order for His will to be done!

Please continue to keep us in your prayers so we receive the necessary funding to make this complete.

Please tell us how God is working in your life!  


Coleene VanTilburg said...

Hello Jim, Thanks for visiting my Blog. I hopped over and read several stories from your blog. I love to hear missionary stories, learning about other parts of the World and especially how God's Word is touching lives in some pretty scary and God-forsaken places. God bless you in Uganda. P.S. I liked the grasshopper story...

GlowinGirl said...

I'm happy to hear this good news for you! It is such an encouragement to see how God works!

renewd42 said...

Jim, happened upon your blog, please send me more info.!! I am a local missions rep at our home church elkins wv. a liason, in other words, between local and foreign missions and the local body. stop by my blog, and feel free to join, love to have you along and trying to build my followers. blessings and thanks!! Lisa