Friday, June 18, 2010

Ahhh! At last, My Time Has Come!!

Even the Lord took a day off !
Genesis 2:2

 So yes my time has come, but I need some help!

I have been prayed for, encouraged, and even justified that I am deserving of some help.  This is my first public appeal for finances for myself!  Honestly it is easier to ask for donations for our children. I love our kids and feel very strongly about them and will go to any length to take care of them. Quite frankly that is one reason I do have to ask for help.  We are also a donor to this ministry, like many of you, and actually we have nothing left for ourselves.  We couldn't let the kids go hungry, a place to sleep, school fees, or clothes so we just did what we had to do. I am telling you when we are on the front lines we are called to action!  Of course it didn't help that last year we were robbed of money we were saving towards airfare.

 So now the time has also come for us to make an appeal!  Will you please help us out.   We have targeted needing about $1700.00 between my airline ticket and immigration papers.  The immigration papers include my two year Work Permit that has been approved, but not paid for yet, it will allow me to get back in the country upon my return .  We have installed a donation button right here for your convenience.  Please make a notation that says "LTM Jim Fruehan".

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Believing He Will Provide,


Jireh Ministries Foundation, Inc said...

We are making progress! We received two donations! Thank you and Praise God!

Jireh Ministries Foundation, Inc said...

Thank you all so much!
This is so encouraging!
We now have four donations, we are up to $190.00 USD
Believing He Will Provide!

Jireh Ministries Foundation, Inc said...

It has been 24 days since our appeal for donations and we now have $990.00.
Thank you so much!