Friday, May 21, 2010

Is There A Reptile in The House?

We do have reptiles in our house.  We mostly have geckos that we consider friends because they eat bugs.  In climates like this bugs thrive and geckos thrive too.  Recently we had some new visitors that arrived with the help of some of our boys. They call them our pets!

File Photo 
These are Chameleons that are pretty abundant around here. The first one was Shane, and then came the others; Sebastian the the small green one, Sidney the big brown one, Saith the small brown one, and Sean the big green one.  These guys are pretty amazing to watch and are very friendly and love to be held.  The geckos are a quite skittish and would rather be left alone.  The geckos also can climb walls and ceilings and run fast.  

When they were first introduced we found most of the locals seem to be afraid of them.  But some have accepted them as there friends, as it seems with our family.

I am glad nobody seems to love snakes around here!  There is the black mamba which is a venomous snake which can be found in the bush areas, but thank God not in our house!


Holly Renee said...

I love that picture! How cool that you have some wildlife right in your house. We've got to mini dachshunds but they definitely wouldn't qualify as wildlife (more like lumps on the couch).

ali @ an ordinary mom said...

How fun! My children would love to play with a couple of those!

amalia said...

wow!! what a cool the picture! God bless!