Monday, May 10, 2010

Grasshoppers A La Carte

The grasshoppers are swarming in clouds of smoke in the bright lights over the barrels to catch them.  At night, as you look in the distance at the bright lights, you will see thousands of them. During the rainy season, which we are in right now, they are in abundance and these people are ready for them too.  They are a true delicacy and the locals love them.  Robyn and I both had one in 2008 and that satisfied the curiosity for us!  

The grasshoppers are a boost to the economy as well by supplying food to the people and the birds along with other animals.  As they are rich in protein, they may very well be a good supplement to their diets.  During the night the collection stations are numerous and during the day you will see the vendors walking the streets with the prepared treats in clear plastic containers with a measuring scoop inside. The preparation is taking off the wings and legs and frying the bodies.  For eating, it is just popping them in your mouth.

Last year one of our boys ate a few too many.  He woke up with a swollen face, itching all over and trouble swallowing.   A quick dose of an antihistamine seemed to settle him down.  I noticed he is a little more reserved about eating them this season.  One theory is that since the grasshoppers eat vegetation, they become rich in pollen and  it may be after eating the grasshopper we ingest a large dose of pollen thus an allergic reaction.

As I am writing this, one of our boys just got home with a pocket full of live grasshoppers that someone gave him , I think he stopped on the way home and picked them, which is another common way to collect them, just on a smaller scale.  As he emptied his pockets, grasshoppers starting spilling out and jumping around the kitchen.  He willingly shared them with the other boys and said; "I don't eat these anymore, you take them."  They quickly captured all of the grasshoppers and began the process of winging and legging them so they could prepare another batch.

I Just wanted to share with you another way of enjoying God's creation and giving thanks for all that He gives us.  


Eva from Holland! said...

I like grasshoppers :-) Please, keep some for me ;-)

Christine said...

Oh my gosh! My mouth is watering and it's not because I want to eat them! EEEWWW!

The Redhead Riter said...

I'm going to throw up. GAG!!!