Tuesday, September 8, 2009


From our www.hewillprovide.blogspot.com to you!

Here are some updates and a couple of things that are going on with us!

"Momma Robert" as we referred to her, is doing much better. I met with her on Sunday and she was smiling and very grateful for the medical care we provided. Praise God, He saved her life!

We spent most of this morning at the hospital today for a follow up of eye exams for three of our children. It is a process here to get anything done and this was just the same. And we still have to go back tomorrow for the second half of the test. For some reason they dilate the eyes first and do part of the test and then since the eyes are dilated they have to wait until the next day for the second half. I think if they reversed the procedure it might be better. And like I said this was a follow up, so yes they had been seen at the eye doctors office and then he refers them to the hospital for examination. This was for a simple vision check. I always got my eyes examined in one day, but this isn't America. We also have one boy with extensive hearing loss in one ear, it seems to be ear drum damage so we will followup with that on Friday for further testing. That's that in a nutshell, but we could probably make a movie out of all the details that surround a day such as this.

We have been on the radio now for two days and it is going well. The first night was little hectic, they had changed our time slot by 15 minutes later and we only ended up with a half hour instead of the hour that we planned for, so that meant a little last minute program cutting and editing. But I had the extra 15 minutes to put it together. So tonight was much easier because we were able to follow our plan. We will be on the air on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. I refer to our half hour show as a bible study, it is a teaching and sharing format. The radio is is a powerful form of evangelism, the old is forever new. Here in Uganda, people gather around radios and listen together to shows like this. The sponsor gave her approval of our format and likes the variety that we are able to contribute to. May God to continue to bless this women so she continues to support two radio shows!

We put out the word that we would like to get people involved with a little micro financing with us so we could get a motorcycle to help with our ministry. This would help with our transportation and help us to generate income by running our own boda. This would give someone employment and produce income to pay for the cycle. I proposed paying off a loan of about $1200. USD at $50.00 per month. We received two offers for donations towards a motorcycle and one of the donors said he will finance the balance. So now we have a MINISTRYCYCLE FUND! It looks like we have already more than half of the estimated cost of $1200.00 donated. The more that is donated the less we need to finance. So if you know anyone that is interested in improving our economics let them know about this project. We have really been thinking about projects that can help us to be self supported. It is better than being totally dependent on donations for all the operating expenses. Praise God, this all happened after I last wrote that we needed God to provide transportation for our radio ministry, and guess what?

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Chrissy (Lauren's mom) said...

Thank you for the update on Robert's mother!
Praise the Lord!
I am sooooo excited to hear how God is providing for the radio ministry! (your heart and transportation) The verse in Isaiah 55: 11 came to mind...
So will My word be which goes forth from My mouth; it will not return to Me empty, without accomplishing what I desire, and without succeeding in the matter for which I sent it.