Tuesday, September 29, 2009

First steps to "Save the Babies'

I met with our local chairman of our village today along with Robert who recently discovered the Dead baby that was dumped. Our chairman is behind us as we discussed our preliminary outline of a program to stop the baby dumping. He shared with us some history about this problem as it has been going on for a while that when he was in charge of the refuse pick-up it was common to discover babies every week. We know that only a portion of these babies are actually found because there is a serious problem here.

Here is the dilemma: If we put together a program for a safe haven for babies to be dropped off, we will have lots of babies. What is the alternative to that? Don't receive the babies and they will continue to be discarded but we won't know about most of them!

I know that God put this on my heart to do something and I can only expect Him to provide! If God had Fay and UCC start a babies home, then He must of had a reason. Because now God is into phase two, "take care of a problem."

Our next step is to start on one section of the town and design a prototype sign to erect at dump sites to instruct people where to take their unwanted babies. We will be coming up with "safe havens" for drop off points as these people will not go the police station or other government facility and the hospital has problems of its own.

We need funding for this program, so if this strikes you as a place for you to make a small offering then we will be happy to assist you. We have a program on Facebook http://apps.facebook.com/causes/22409?m=3f1cca43 or you can go to our web site www.hewillprovide.org and make a financial donation.

With a combined effort we can make this happen!

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