Monday, September 28, 2009

My Testimony To The Holy Spirit

The power of the Holy Spirit is pretty awesome! I think many of you, who have been following our lives through this ministry, know how God has been using us. Lately He has stretched me further to a place that I didn't know He wanted me. I am referring to sharing the Gospel in public places. He started off by having me share the Word in a village church where it is like home when I go back periodically to "teach" the Word of God. I was asked to share at a few other outreach events as well.

Now we are involved with a radio ministry where we are on the air on Monday and Tuesday evenings. We are involved with another bimonthly event called the Big Saturday Miracle Explosion where I have spoken at the last two events. This is something like a crusade where people gather for the day and receive the Gospel, praise and worship and Divine healings. I now am spending a lot of time preparing for my presentations which of course involves reading and researching the Bible. So this is where God wants me to be!

Although I know that the Holy Spirit guides me through these sermons, I am compelled to spend time preparing. It is a lot of work because I have to wait to feel what God wants me to talk about. But when it is time to share the Word, The Holy Spirit takes over and guides me through like something that I can't really describe. There is such a spiritual high that I feel!

Since last week when I first brought Jennifer with me to the radio station to fill in as my interpreter, we have been asked to appear together to do our shows. She was also with me this weekend at The "Big Saturday." This has been a great opportunity for her as well. You just never know how God will choose to use you!

I think it is important to say, that God knows our hearts, I was ready to serve Him however He wanted me.

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