Saturday, April 25, 2009


On Saturday morning our "Dr. Sam" came to the The Door OF Hope. Let me refresh the story of "Dr. Sam." We met Sam last year when he lived in the University's Dorm, for medical students, that was just down the road from where we lived. We became friends and he had become very interested in what we were doing in the ministry. He offered to volunteer his time to help us with the health of the children. One of our supporters offered to help Sam with his medical school fees which was a big burden for him and in turn Sam committed to volunteer with us even after he graduates from medical school. He recently got reassigned to our local government hospital, so he is back in Masaka again.

On Saturday Sam gave a class on Skin Diseases complete with a slide show. Praise the Lord, our power was restored in time for him to complete his entire presentation. This was a very informative meeting and the kids and adults learned a lot. This is especially important here because there are a lot of traditions in Africa that contradict what is common knowledge in first world countries. Sometimes we are not just trying to give the remedy for the disease but we need to combat the wrong information that the people have come to believe as the correct and only way doing something. We had a question and answer session and the kids seemed pretty enthused about the class. Sam was able to see a couple of the children individually who had some concerns or ailments.

After lunch, four of our boys accompanied Dr, Sam and Robyn to Malago Hospital, this is the same hospital that we had mention in previous blogs (about Robyn and Nicholas). Two of the boys that went on this trip are planning on becoming doctors. We not only wanted to share a hospital experience with them but to have Sam be a mentor to them. Like many others here in Uganda, he has to struggle to obtain school fees. Sam is very good in talking with the kids because he finds a way to bring God into his teachings.

We will soon post the story of this trip to the hospital that is being written by Robert, one of the boys that accompanied Dr Sam. Praise God for all His Goodness!

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