Monday, September 22, 2008

"Jesus, I Love You"

It was Saturday. The quiet whisper was prompting me," Go see Nicholas, go see Nicholas. Make sure he has accepted Jesus." As the voice had commanded, I obeyed and prepared to go, asking Jim if he would like to join me.
With our bible in hand, we began our walk to the hospital, knowing my purpose...asking Nicholas if not only did he know Jesus, but had he accepted Jesus as his savior. We were about half way to the hospital when Jim questioned me, "how do we know that Nicholas is not contagious? How is Tuberculosis transmitted? Do we need to take any precautions?" Questions I had asked myself before, but had ignored. We decided to return home and research Tuberculosis on the computer. Time was ticking away. We retrieved our answers and feeling confident that we were safe, started our mission once again.
We walked the long hall of the children's ward, passing many sick children. My heart focused on one little soul, Nicholas. We turned the corner to his room, there lay Nicholas, even thinner than I had remembered him the day before. He had anguish on his face. Gone today was the sweet, sweet, smile. I greeted him and took his hand. He focused his eyes on me and in a voice so faint, that I had to lean close to his mouth,he whispered, "I'm dying, I'm dying." I told Nicholas that our God made heaven and earth and God had placed him first on earth to experience all He had planned for him, but now God is calling him to his forever home, in heaven. I told him not to be afraid, that he would never be alone, that I would hold his hand here on earth, and Jesus will take his hand in Heaven. I recited Matthew 19:14.
Nicholas was fading, I prayed to Jesus, "please Lord let me intercede for this little boy, don't take him before I know he has accepted you. Please forgive me. Forgive me, Jesus. Have mercy dear Jesus. have mercy on us." I stood in the gap for Nicholas, the two of us holding hands, becoming one. Each of us doing our part, Nicholas giving all of his earthly strength to listen to my every word, me being his voice. I cried out a prayer of salvation to our Jesus. After finishing, I whispered to Nicholas, at that moment an incredible calm came over him, his body relaxed. Gone was the tenseness of the fragile, little body. Peace covered his face. Then with that same strength he used to listen to my every word, he pushed out these words, "Jesus, I love you." Those were the last earthly words that were spoken by Nicholas. Over the next hour,Nicholas slowly left this world, letting go of my hand,and taking the hand of Jesus. Nicholas entered heaven on September 20, 2008 at 5:40 pm. Glory be to God!


Sara Perchan said...

The Lord blessed me abundantly when I met Nicholas. Dr. Sam felt so convicted for Robyn to visit.
One of my greatest experiences here was hearing Robyn tell the story of the final moments in that hospital room with Nicholas.
All I could do was cry, but at the same time I was able to receive such a beautiful confirmation of why we are in Uganda.

Lacey Nicole said...

Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!! Robyn that gave me holy spirit bumps. You are such an inspiration!! Thank you for being obedient to Gods voice. Sometimes, I have a hard time actually taking that first step, when I know God is calling me to do something. What a great reminder for us all. Just how important it is to GO when we are called. We can't wait to see you!!