Thursday, September 25, 2008

Happy Anniversary Honey!

We have celebrated some major events since we started our journey. We left America on my birthday March 31st. Robyn celebrated her birthday on August 20th, and to our surprise, we both forgot it and was only reminded when our daughter called from America wishing mom a happy birthday. Now that seems really strange, but we were very busy doing a lot of other things at the time...or maybe it was just old age:)

Well, today is our 32nd wedding anniversary and we actually remembered it, praise the Lord! Now there are no roses being delivered to the door or any See's candy here, but we are just enjoying each other, even after all these years, now that is amazing! We are both blessed to have each other. Maybe we can have dinner out tonight, we can walk down to the village and have a rolex on the street. A rolex is a chapati (like a flour tortilla) cooked with an egg and has sliced tomatoes and cabbage and rolled and sometimes the outer wrapper is note paper. That is about the extent of fast food here, the local stuff isn't so great, unless we go to UCC a Danish Cafe run by the our ministry friends from Denmark. We rent a small apartment from them in their missionary compound, they have been great friends and good Spiritual support.

This trip has brought us both closer to the Lord and Him in our lives. We have searched scripture together working on many of the projects, events and circumstances here. We have prayed together asking God to give us an understanding of our "real mission" (like, why did you really send us here?) All of this will be revealed in God's time, I am sure.

We have been blessed in this time of our lives with things that are so different than when we started out together, getting the right jobs, the right house, the right clothes and taking care of the kids and all that "stuff". But once we were finished with most of that, we discovered we had more time for the Lord. Because when it is just you and the Lord, that is all you need!

We will be heading home in a few days, well at least to our daughter's and son-in-law's home (with our 5 grandchildren) in Montana, where they put us up (or is it; put up with us) while we are in the states. Pray for us as we enter into the culture shock of America after six months of being here in Uganda.

Happy Anniversary, Robyn. I love you!
Jim "too"

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Reets said...

Thank you both for all you're doing in Uganda! It is so amazing to see the two of you grow in God and in turn He is growing your love for each other! Have a safe trip back to the states. May God's hand of protection be upone both of you! Love you much!!