Friday, April 3, 2009

We Now Have 15....Oh My!!!

We Now Have 15…oh my!

We now have 15 children at the He Will Provide- Door of Hope home!!! The kids run the gamut of personalities! With the boys John Travis is quite and reserved and Rock is always smiling and joking around. With the girls we have Winnie that is smiley, and always talking and Imelda who is quiet because she is shy about speaking English. But when she is asked to lead a Bible study she is bold and has an evangelist, pastor's heart. All the kids are amazing! I can write a little about each of them sometime soon.

Here are all their names and ages:
Maddy, 16
John Travis, 18
Rock, 17
Winnie, 13
Jennifer, 14
Barbra, 16
Sarah, 15
Priscilla, 14
Shadia, 16
Imelda, 15
Moses, 11 (we think—don’t have a year he was born)
John Jr. 10 (we think—don’t have a year he was born)
David, 16
Robert, 17
Rob, 12

Until I write a bit on each child please continue to check out my Blog for the stories or the He Will Provide site at

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