Saturday, March 29, 2008


World Water Walk Day marked in Billings

The United Nations estimates that nearly 49,000 children die everyday from illnesses caused by contaminated water,

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Jireh Ministries Foundation, Inc said...

It was a pretty cool day. A lot of people came by to visit our booth and purchased t-shirts and note cards made by the children of Jireh Ministries in Uganda. We had several people interested in sponsoring a child. We met several other groups that are all working to help people in many different ways. What is really outstanding, is seeing how God connects us all together to help each other do His Work. I met a gentleman from another ministry, who will be in the Kampala area near our location in Uganda, where there will be digging a well. We plan on meeting there at his site to give me some first hand information, and see the well being dug and implemented and meet the company that will drill our well.

This was more of an awareness day than a fund raiser, but we will let you know how we are doing for our water project, as soon as the tally comes in.

Robyn And I were interviewed and we were on the evening news! When we get the video, we will post it.
God Bless,

lana said...

HI! I couldn't sleep last night - I was so excited for all that is going on. This morning I heard an airplane taking off at 6:30am and thought it might be the one you were on - I realized you probably hadn't slept at all last night either!

I hope you get some rest on your flights and arive in Uganda refreshed - physically and spiritually. We truly enjoyed spending time with you last night. You are in our hearts and prayers. We look forward to hearing all that God does at Jireh in the coming months.