Monday, March 10, 2008

You Want Me To Do What?

We provide for Jireh Ministries in Uganda, to help them in becoming self supportive. We have 345 children that we clothe, educate and feed. This is accomplished by our children's sponsorship program for $28.00 per month.

Here's how it all began: In 2005, after reading Rick Warren's Purpose Driven Life, Robyn, my wife (of 31 years) decided that she really wanted to go on a mission trip to Africa. She went with Believers World Outreach for about two weeks. She visited the Amani Baby Cottage in Jinja and Jireh Childrens Center in Masaka, Uganda. While at the Children's Center, she met with Pastor Kintu Grace Benjamin , and told him that she would get him to America. She was not sure why she even told him that. The Lord had a plan. Being a woman of commitment, she raised funds to bring Pastor Grace to our home in San Diego, California. This was not an easy task, he was denied a Visa two times and it looked hopeless. But we had a lot of people praying and calling the embassy and praying some more, and children at the center were praying and fasting! These kids that are so hungry most of the time, are fasting! That is a statement of faith!! Well, once the Lord introduced me with Pastor Grace, it all began. I first thought I would help him with some business cards, and then I thought, you need a newsletter, we can do that. Soon it was; "We need to start a non-profit foundation for Jireh Ministries in Uganda." So we did. I told the Lord; "If you want me to do this I will need a lot of help". So He sent a lot of help, when He decided that I really needed it. I thought this was a part time job that I could do while I was running our family construction business that we had since 1999. He decided that we are supposed to work the Ministry full time, we sold our house and got rid of a lot of "stuff". We stopped the business and basically I hung up the tool belt to carry the cross. We are broke by earthly standards but rich in the Lord. We truly live by what Pastor Grace told me was the premise his Ministry was founded on. Genesis 22:14 "The Lord Will Provide". We have moved to Billings Montana where my daughter and her husband and three children live. Soon to be five children see Do you remember I told you that my wife visited the Amani Baby Cottage?... Well, my daughter is adopting two babies, a boy and girl, (Christopher & Katie) they are lovingly referred by the orphanage and us as the Jesus babies (that happens to be another testimony in itself). We believe a major part of our ministry is sharing our personal testimony. Let us know if you would like us to visit your church.

On March 31st, Robyn & I will be departing for Uganda for a five month journey. This will be my first time visiting the Children's Center. Once there I am sure we will receive our next instructions. We will need a lot of prayer! We have a lot of work to do.
Thank you for allowing me to share my story.
Believing He Will Provide, Jim Fruehan

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