Tuesday, April 1, 2008

We are in Journey!

Thanks for all the prayers from around the world. We are in the middle of a 12 hour layover, in Dubai waiting for our final airline leg of our trip to Entebe and then to Jinja. So we just read that our daughter Jenny has received the verbal ruling on the adoption of our new grandchildren, Christopher & Katie! Praise the Lord! This has been a very long journey for Jenny & Todd www.Jesusbabies.blogspot.com
We will see Jenny and the kids sometime on Wednesday.

Robyn and I are past the half way point of this long awaited journey to the Jireh Children's Center.

We believe we have received confirmation from God for a water project while we are on this mission trip.
We will be officially kicking off H2O8 with a special fund raiser to get people involved and to take ownership of this water project. More to come.

The next update won't be any sooner than our next internet opportunity.
Believing HeWillprovide,
Jim & Robyn


lana said...

Jim and Robyn,
I will continue praying for you as you travel to Entebe and then Jinja! How exciting to be there to celebrate the ruling! JP's even been praying each night for "Jaden and Kellen's grandma and grandpa to have a safe trip to Uganda and tell lots of people about Jesus."

You're such a blessing to us all. We're anxiously awaiting to see how God uses you on your trip.


Lacey Nicole said...

Hello Guys,
It is so nice to hear from the two of you. We will be praying for continued strength and energy. We can't wait to hear about the fund raiser. Can't wait to see what God has in store for the two of you. Thank you for going!! Your obedience will be richly rewarded!
Jordan & Lacey