Thursday, April 3, 2008

God's Beautiful Creations

Robyn& I made to Jinja! We were first greeted at the airport with Jenny and our two newest grandchildren, Christopher & Katie. This was a pleasant surprise that we really enjoyed. We have been appreciating the glory of God through our journey. We took a boat ride today on Lake Victoria and went right to the source of the Nile River. We saw monkeys in the trees and birds in the sky, the kids absolutely loved it. You might say it is a lot like the jungle boat at Disney Land, but this was real.
We will be here through Friday when we head down to Masaka. We will be greeting our newest missionary team, Franklin Academy from Tennessee with senior high students. I will be meeting with a ministry friend, Terry, who will be drilling for a water well in a neighboring city and village, for his organization. I plan on being there to witness the drill and installation of a well. We believe we will be using the same well company to construct our well. It is really great how we are lead to the right connections when you work for the Lord.
I will fill you in on a little God story. I met Terry the other day at World Water Day in Billings, he works with sand filters for making clean drinking water as well as help with water wells. He travels around the world working with people who need water. I failed to get his phone number for our final connection in Africa so I would know where to meet him, because I knew he was not working in the same city as us. Well today we bump into him on the street in Jinja, both of us away from our respective missions. Actually we are about five hours away from our meeting point. So we were able to make contact for next week to coordinate our meeting. The Lord will take care of the details, like hooking you up in a foreign land half way around the world with people you need to meet. Uganda is not the largest country in world but we are talking some pretty remote areas with a large population. We have an amazing God!


Lacey Nicole said...

Praise the Lord you made it! Oh how I wish I were on that boat ride with you all. I am so glad you were able to make that connection with Terry. I pray you will be able to put in a well very soon. It will be so nice to finally have running water . Thanks for sharing your journey with all of us!!

lana said...

I'm so glad to hear you made it and have been able to spend some wonderful quality time with Jenny and the kids. We will continue praying for your well and continued safety for you and your teams.

Yogi is looking great! He's getting around a lot more - has much more energy. The kids seem to be enjoying his energy, too, and enjoy playing with him.

Miss you already...

Jessica said...

What a beautiful way to start your trip!

Joanne Noordink said...

Dear Jim and Robyn,

Finally I found your blog!!
It was so nice to have met you in Uganda and to have spend some time together. Too short though, I felt there was so much more we could share and learn from each other.
I'll be checking on your blog once in a while to see how things are going there. Send David and Monirah my love!
I'll be praying for you! Hope we will meet again in the future!
God bless you and be with you always!

Hugs, Joanne (from Holland.)