Friday, April 30, 2010

Amazing Maize

How Sweet It Is!
Farm Project Update

Just a few months ago we shared with you about our co-op farm with God's Revival Church here in Uganda.  This project which is funded by donors, enabled us to develop and plant four acres that were available to us to grow crops.  Our maize is now about 5 feet / 3.5 meters tall!  It seems we planted at the right time, just in time to take full advantage of the rainy season.  The timing was not ours but the Lord's since we were dictated by the donations we received to fund this project.

I would love to show a picture but we don't have a working camera at the moment.  

It is funny, in the village the people are amazed at our corn crop because many of theirs are just beginning to sprout.  Some didn't plant because they were afraid the rain wouldn't come, others didn't plant right away because they doubted the rain at first and then planted late.  We planted when we had the funds and on faith that the rain will come!  Sounds like a bible story to me!

With the crop both ministries will use some of the corn flour or known locally as posho, that we will have milled.  We are planning to sale some to the market so we can purchase other food, and prepare for next season.  The donations made to us will be multiplied through this project!

We will keep you posted as we get closer to harvest time!

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