Friday, April 30, 2010

Achieving Milestones In Our Infancy

In December we posted this entry about our NGO status:

December 2, 2009
We Received Our Approval For An NGO!

We have been working on this all year, and comparatively speaking, it was a lot more work than getting our 501 (c) (3) in the USA! So now we are allowed to apply for Visa Work Permits instead of Visitors Passes which in the long run will save us money along without the hassles of going to the immigration office every two months. This is important to all of us long term volunteers. It will also allow us to apply for any government grants that are available in the USA or Uganda.
This Officially puts us on the map!

Jireh Ministries Foundation, Inc. USA
He Will Provide Ministries, UGANDA

May 1, 2010
Now our work permit has been approved! 
 Another milestone!  

Being a young organization, as we are in our 5th year, these are all the steps needed to do the job we are doing here.  The NGO is a non government organization equivalent to a non profit organization in the states.  The work permits are for the  immigration department so we can work in an organization without renewing special visa passes every two months. They have issued a two year work permit to us.  This will save us money in the long run because of the cost of special passes, and save so much inconvenience not having to deal with the capital city for all the immigration services. 

This is all good but it doesn't come without a price tag.  We are in need of some additional funding as this all adds up.  The one work permit we have right now for Jim  is $250.00 per year for two years and the processing fee for the work permit is $150.00 and the processing fee for the NGO is $200.00.  This total comes to $850.00!  This is kind of expensive just to be a volunteer (it is still called a work permit) to do God's work!  But I guess it goes with the territory. We are really grateful, because once submitted both our NGO and Work Permit were  approved relatively quickly as we have heard some stories of long delays.

If you are able to help out with these costs it will be greatly appreciated.  We know the Lord will provide, we just don't know how He plans on doing it and who he is going to use.  But we just want to give everyone the opportunity to participate.  Please memo your donation: NGO  These can be made on line or by check.  

Regardless of how you can help, everyone please pray for us!  

A special thanks goes to Richard at MAF, Mission Aviation Fellowship, who assisted us by the processing of this paper work for these two government agencies.  May God bless them as they have been the missionary's missionary. This is an extra service they do besides their main ministry of flying missionaries and supplies into remote areas. 

United We Serve The Lord Our God!

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