Monday, March 1, 2010

Feel The Power

I don't ever want to get used to it or take it for granted.  So whenever I feel the power of the Holy Spirit, I feel compelled to tell everyone about it .  I think it keeps us praising God and that's what we are suppose to do, right?  In fact it is our duty!

  So here is my small testimony.  Whenever  I have the opportunity teach the Word, I call on the Holy Spirit.  But like a lot of people,  I really call on Him when I know I am in trouble, like not as prepared as  I would like to be or feel  I should be.  I guess when I feel it the most is when I am on the radio.  Maybe because you have no one in front of you to see if even anyone is out there, but then on the other hand you think, whatever I say the whole world is going to hear, so it better be right!

Well tonight  I felt His presence!  I hope the listeners did as well.  I got so wrapped up in the Word I lost track of time, (not really good radio protocol).  Maybe you should look at my blog about my first solo night on the radio to get the whole feel of what  I am saying here.  When I looked up at the clock and saw  I was over (my time slot), I looked at the door and no one was there waiting for me to get off the air.  So they must be late, alright, now I still have time for a closing Prayer, Yea !  Praise God!  Of course it was: 

Thank you Holy Spirit for being here with us tonight...

...In Jesus Name, 

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