Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Amazing Grace

Moses has found a little job in our village, and he is excited to be earning some money.  A woman at a nearby house asked him to do some weeding and yard work for her. She has had  him back a few times to do addtional work, so maybe he has a regular customer.  Moses is twelve years old and came to us in February 2009, he didn't speak a lick of English and had not been in  school since only God knows when.  He had been on the streets for a couple of years.  He is now in P3, speaks English and is 3rd in his class!  He is an amazing boy.  He is saving his money and each time he brings home his earnings he places the money inside an envelope inscribed with his name that we hold for safe keeping.

We talked about tithing and how savings can add up with hard work over time.  So the big question you might ask; what is he saving for?  He is saving for a bicycle.  Having a bicycle here in Uganda is really special.  There are even adults that would like to have one, because transportation is not easy.

So I asked him;  "When you were on the street, what would you have used that money for?"  Without hesitation, he looked up at me and answered; "FOOD!"   I am really happy that he can now think about things that a twelve year old boy should be thinking about, and he is willing to work for it.  Picturing yourself riding a new bicycle in the future is a much healthier thought than wondering if you will eat today!

We speak of God's amazing grace, and here it is!


Miranda said...

THANK YOU for putting things in perspective for us! And Yay for Moses!

Laura said...

What an adorable story! I love you are giving this little boy a sweet of you!