Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Proud Father

With fifteen children we are always having a birthday party. Now here in Uganda the people seldom celebrate their birthday. But with us bringing in our culture, we all enjoy birthdays and the kids really enjoy these special days. Today we celebrated Babras birthday and it was additionally special because she had two guests to come and celebrate with her.

Eva and Anna from Holland came for a few days here with us so Eva could celebrate her birthday as well, so we had a double candled party! Eva had met Babra about four years ago on a prior missions trip and they had remained friends. The whole family is enjoying their visit because they are visiting with all of our children. Tonight after the birthday celebration we had our praise and worship time and the kids went around the room and talked about Babras birthday. All of them were happy for her on her day and for her visitors. They all really enjoyed the special celebration as if it were their own. I just thought how unselfish they were, and I told them how proud I was of them.

Here is how we do our birthday cakes. First of all we don't have an oven so we can't bake a traditional cake. We make about five giant pancakes (about 10") and I make home made icing with butter and powdered sugar and I make a five layer cake. It tastes better than anything you can buy at a bakery here and the kids really enjoy it, and are actually requesting it and say that we should open a Door Of Hope Bakery! Well the cake is sweet and these kids don't get many treats. Tonight Eva and Anne brought decorations for the cake so it had miniature umbrellas and a lot of candles, it looked festive!

We look forward to many more birthdays to come to our family. When you come to visit, chances are, that you may be able to celebrate a birthday with us too!

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