Monday, July 6, 2009

It Is God's Plan

I always wanted a large family, even when I was just a kid I had visions of having a lot of children when I grew up. Well, God blessed us with two beautiful daughters who have given us six grand children! But God is funny sometimes, because tonight I realized what He did. I know this isn't news to me that we have 15 children here in Africa that we care for, but somehow it was different tonight. It might be that the kids are bonding to us and we to them.

Last night we had a meeting with the older boys for a family discussion. We sat in somewhat of a circle and we were discussing things. This a major breakthrough as I watched how things have grown. They all sat up with their heads up to express their feelings. Typically in the past they would have their heads down and not want to say anything in fear of saying the wrong thing or being scolded. We were discussing a situation that needed their feed back and they were offering solutions and ideas. This is what we have been trying to teach these past months and it was really great!

Earlier this evening before supper, Moses our twelve year old, came up and worked his way in next to me where he is standing next to me and my arm is around him, like my own kids did many years ago. Kids always find that spot with mom or dad that is just their spot! After Supper when we started praise and worship, Rob our 13 year old, came over and stood next to me and took my hand. Sometimes when I think about what God has in mind for us in the future and how He plans on supporting us, I just have to realize that it is His plan.

How often I thought that we are here for these kids who have no other family and that God sent them here for us to give them a family. Then there are days like this that I realize that God sent them here to us to care for them and to be there family and I realized these two boys have no one else. When Rob had my hand, I couldn't help think about his parents who have both died, that it was me and Robyn to take their place. God sent these children for us to care for yes, but He sent them to us. It is really overwhelming at times when you think of the responsibility of being the "ones" in these children's lives. I always say that God sent these kids here in this family and I wonder how He chose these particular kids out of the two million orphan and vulnerable children that are here in Uganda. But I also ask how did he choose Robyn and me to be the grand parents to these fifteen kids. It is humbling to say the least.

I need to be honest, this is a lot of work, but thanks to God, I am happy to say that we can see the fruits of our labor.

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