Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Busy Day

Both of our schools, primary and secondary, had functions today! So after church (a Ugandan three hour service), we had enough time run home for some fast lunch and then off to the primary school. We have seven students in primary so we split up the classes between me, Robyn and Rita. We hit P-1, P-2, P-4 and our biggest class of P-6 where we have four children. We reviewed their work and talked to the teachers. Then we headed to the secondary school which is on an adjacent campus to the primary school, which made it a little easier. There they were having inter house competitions. We sat and watched some games and also observed one of our boys who is a newly elected prefect perform his duties, and wearing his new uniform.

Then it was time to head home because we have a boy that is sick and we needed to attend to him. The kids are so proud of us when we come to the school for these type of functions. I think it validates to them that they have a family who cares about them. I think we are just as proud of them too!

I thought this is pretty good, we got this down to a science, two schools in one day and 15 children, well I'm impressed! Thank you Jesus!

PS. I think the only thing that was missing today and I am thankful it was missing, would be that we find out at the last minute that we were supposed to bring the refreshments:)
You've been there?

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Chrissy (Lauren's mom) said...

Your entry made me smile... What a blessing for these children to have family to share their accomplishments to. God truly is at work at The Door of Hope.