Saturday, May 30, 2009


God is so amazing all the time. Last Saturday we had a village outreach. It was in Rokai District, where the first case of AIDS was discovered. The village we went to needs lots of prayers. The people were so inviting and we had a full church at the end of our day of door to door evangelism. We had three people get saved that day. It is amazing seeing it happen and being a part of it. When we can experience sowing and harvesting in one day, you know you have been blessed.

All of our children went on that outreach. When we arrived at the village, we broke into four groups and set out for North, South, East and West. The kids did an incredible job. They pray and preach and visit with the people as we go around to their homes and invite them to join us at the end of the day in the church. We told the children, now they too can be called missionaries! This has been one of our objectives, to show Ugandans how to be a missionary in their own country. This is why we stress service projects so much and we intertwine our different ministries to work with each other. When our web site is back up with the new updates you will see all of our individual ministries with information on each of them.

Today Robyn and I went out on another outreach with Gospel Truth Ministries here in Masaka. They had an all day event called The Big Saturday Miracle Explosion. Robyn and I were invited to participate so I would preach and Robyn does the prayers. She is the anointed one when it comes to prayers, because the holy Spirit talks through her and we are all inspired and comforted through her prayers. We had a wonderful time there. The people are so receptive to hear God's Word. I was a little concerned about the size of the group today because I mostly speak at small village churches. Robyn encouraged me as we arrived and reminded me that they are all from their small village churches. It did make me feel more comfortable and of course I always pray for the Holy Spirit before I preach which makes everything more than OK.

Praise God. Six more people were saved today! And we were there to see it, thank you Jesus for blessing us with these experiences. It is the highlight of our lives to be doing this work!

If you are interested, all of our ministries have individual funding designations, so you can donate or pray for a specific ministry that is on your heart. For example: Door of Hope Families, Medical School Tuition Program, YCMC Youth Group, Outreach Ministries (hospital, church, evangelism, etc.), H2O8 Water Project.

If you are interested in coming to Uganda as a volunteer, you can see that there are many places that you are needed that may fit with God's calling to you.

Ministries of our nature are not designed to work on there own, they need the commitment and involvement of people to work together for the glory of God!


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