Thursday, May 21, 2009


One of our "behind the scenes people" is Jessica Winblad, I call her our TW ("Technical Wizard"). She is working on our web site to have it back up and running real soon. We soon will be able to have profiles on our children for everyone to get to know them better. We have updated our site with our newest additions to our ministry along with new pictures and information, and it will even link directly right here to our blog site! This is the kind of programming that is simple for Jessica, but pretty darn complicated to some of us. We are truly blessed with her talents. I know some people have referred to her as the programmer's programmer. Please remember her in your prayers because she is in between jobs right now looking for an opportunity in the IT industry.

We also have a photo album for you to go through, you can view them on Flickr.

So far we have about 150 pictures loaded and we are working on another batch. We have them categorized by sets to make viewing a little easier. You can see a preview here in the blog, over on the left side, on the little slide show we have going. Thank you so much for coming to visit and being part of this ministry! It is always good to see how God works, through people!

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MMM said...

How WONDERFUL to see all your beautiful faces! I flipped through all the pictures twice . . . I couldn't get enough of the joy and love shining throughout the Door of Hope! You are all in my DAILY thoughts and prayers! Please keep me in your prayers as I hope to see you all in Uganda in the near future. Please keep sharing your blessed life through those amazing photos. Love and prayers to you all ~ MMMott