Friday, November 22, 2013

Praise God, We Have Arrived Safely!

It seems whenever I am in Africa, it takes me a little longer to get things done as I slow down my pace. It has taken a few days to get situated and it has taken a few more days to get the word out that we have safely arrived at our destination! So let us thank God we are here!

After our wonderful send off from our congregation at Harrison Community Baptist Church, we traveled to a long time supporter of our ministry, The Lord's Church in Sacramento CA, where they blessed us with fellowship, prayers and gifts, God is good!

We then traveled to Southern CA to stay with Robyn's sister to prepare for the "big trip!" We packed up all the donations that were sent to us; for the underwear drive, little girl dresses that were made by some of the ladies at our church, along with a variety of other things including about 50 pounds of diapers for a baby orphanage here in Masaka,that is run by a friend! All together between containers and suitcases we lugged seven pieces along with our carry-on's (about 450 lbs.) for our 9,500 mile journey!

When we arrived on Sunday to our compound, we were surprised by the children showering our vehicle with flower pedals, what a greeting! This is where after three years, we were so blessed to see all the children, and as you can imagine, they have grown so much! It was quite a reunion to see these smiling faces through our watery eyes, and the hugs were mighty indeed! The ministry has grown with so many more beautiful children being cared for.

 On Sunday we visited the school in the village where we had church service and got to meet more children. This school has several building projects going on, including a water purification system and tower, livestock, agriculture, and additional classrooms! It is a well organized project and looking really good.

On Sunday evening, back at the compound, we had our traditional praise & worship service with the familiar sounds of the drums and singing in the local tongue. The teaching was in English by our director and translated to Luganda & Swahili by two of the girls.

We are helping to support a wonderful organization! Thank you everyone for your prayers and financial support! We thank God for these special moments as we look forward to see how we can best serve Him!

God Bless,



Vikkilee Reynoldson said...

glad you arrived safely. will be praying for you to do wonderful things with your kids. God Bless you and your work.

John & Verlaine said...

Thank you, Jim, for the update. John has been asking me every day if I had heard anything. Take care and keep us posted.

Charlotte Pegoraro said...

So glad you made it safely! Thankfully things here have been pretty quiet. Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Stay safe.

Jill said...

So glad you guys made it there safely! How long are you planning on staying? What is your intent while there? Did you get a chance to visit Amani Baby Cottage???