Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Our God Of Wonders

Hi Everyone,

As I sit here, I realize that my greeting may sound impersonal. In actuality, it refers to each one of you, whom we love very much. Our family, our friends, all our brothers and sisters in Christ, and faithful sponsors, many of these titles overlapping and melting into one another.

This journey to Uganda has already begun very different. We have been blessed with the sending out by our church family; our home church in Harrison, Idaho and The Lord’s Church in California. We know each of you is lifting us up in prayer, and our experience thus far is evidence to that fact.
God has gone before us and prepared the way.

Our “welcome back” greeting consisted of children running to the compound gate, flower petals in hand, showering our car with drops of color, cheering and shouting. Smiles along with giggles of excitement filled the air. I am seeing God’s hand in the details. There is a heightened awareness in His gifts to us. I am so grateful and overwhelmed.
Every good and perfect gift comes from above.

The next event I didn't capture in a picture, but I will forever have this precious image in my mind. It is the reunion of Jim and Moses, one of “our” boys.

  Jim could barely squeeze himself out of the car, on the other side of the door, stood Moses, much bigger now and many inches taller. He commanded the space with his presence, smiling from ear to ear, that boyish beautiful smile. Joy fills our hearts. The greeting speaks love. Jim and Moses reach out, wrapping their arms around each other.  It’s a loving father-son embrace. The kind of embrace that speaks without words, saying, “I’m here, you matter to me, I’ve missed you”.  Moses lays his head on Jim’s shoulder and closes his eyes. Time seems to stop in that moment. It is the place of contentment; to rest in the peace and comfort of a “father’s” arms. It is the moment they have both waited for.
And He will shelter you in the shadow of His wings.

I am a little embarrassed to say that we have had a leisurely beginning here; instead of immediate demands placed on us, we have had the freedom to settle in, and get reacquainted with life here. Our “welcome back” day has actually turned into weeks. We have had the opportunity to see many friends; to be welcomed into their homes, share a meal, share God’s faithfulness, and to testify to what he has done in each of our lives these past three years. Each reunion carried within it, the same reoccurring theme,  a triumphed praise of thanksgiving to God.
All glory and honor is His.

I love making the trek to visit the “sanctuary” of Love in Action, the ministry we are working for. The above mentioned is really the home of Alan and Beryl Went. The property is guarded by a wall of plants and trees, and beyond this wall of beauty there rests a beautiful English garden. It’s not the garden I come to visit though, but the people who dwell there throughout the day; the children, teens, and young adults; those who live with Love in Action. When not in school, this is their sanctuary; a place of peace for them.  Here they gather for their meals, play together, do chores, and share daily life. When evening comes they go to their homes, provided by Love in Action, one for the girls and one for boys.
He makes me to lie down in green pastures.
I thank God for this place.

Lastly, I must make mention of each of you. Though, we are continents away, we carry each one of you in our hearts. We treasure the relationships we have and who we are as a body of Christ together. This journey is complete because of the oneness we share. All of you have been instrumental in our going. Everyone has played a part, each one significant, and each one in God’s plan.
We thank God for each of you, and remember you in our prayers.

Until we see each other again, may you dwell in the love of Christ.

 Thinking of you,
 Robyn and Jim


Jeff Passer said...

You are blessed. Will you also be blessed with a Thanksgiving meal?

Zipporah David said...

Great to hear all is well there and the Lord is watching over you. We all hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, whether you have a turkey or not, lol!