Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A little story about Matty

Here is a little follow up story about Matty, that we just posted about being on the radio.

It was just earlier this year that 17 year old Matty joined our family. He had been on the streets for quite a while. Fatumah found him along with many others in doing her street ministry. She helped him discover Jesus for all he knew prior was his Muslim background. He accepted Jesus while still on the streets. She brought him to our family last March and he has grown so much in many ways. His growth in the Lord has increased tremendously. He often leads in prayer and worship and is ever willing to step up to the plate to share the gospel!

This is the boy that was on the air with me last night helping to preach the Gospel to a million people here in Uganda. When it is in the Lord's plan, anything can happen!

Praise God!

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Chrissy (Lauren's mom) said...

Praise the LORD for His transforming power!
He truly gives a hope in this life when we surrender all! God is stretching Matty because of his willing heart! YAY!!!!
I am so excited about your radio program. You may never know, in this life, how many lives were changed by you speaking God's word... but He know EACH AND EVERY ONE!!!!! Praise God! His Word does not return void!
God bless you!