Monday, November 16, 2009

For I Was Hungry And You Gave Me Something To Eat / Matt 25:35

This is Part I of the story of Buyinjayinja Village. We visited here on Saturday November 8, 2009. Two children were reported dead because of hunger due to the draught in the area and we set out to see what we could do. This is only about an hour from our house and this is going on dirt roads and sometimes no road. So it is very close to home!

In this first photo we are portioning out maize flour into smaller bags to distribute to the families. About 17 families were identified as "very needy" and we went with a guide to take us to each family. Robyn and I took two of our boys, Matty and Robert along with Pastor Moses to the village.

We ran into this man on his way home. Do you see the small bundle in his arm/ That is what he went out and gathered to feed his family. We are telling him we just dropped off food at his house for his family.

Thank you Jesus! This family was very appreciative. This gentleman lost his eyes in a lumber mill accident.

This family was ready to serve their lunch. We can see how little they have.

This man just lost his wife about six months ago and as you can see, he has five children. They were very happy to see some food. He used to get to work with his bicycle, but he had to sell it for money to feed the family.

This woman was quite surprised to see us, especially bringing food. Do you see the green bananas? That is motooke, it is suppose to be a lot larger than that, but because of the draught it is better than none.

These boys said their Grandma was out looking for food. Won't this be a pleasant surprise when she returns?

This young man was so excited when we tried our hand at sign language. His mom is pictured here, and she told us she has two sons that are deaf. How many ways can you feed someone?

Robyn is with two of the children that didn't eat the poison roots, because one was a sleep at the time and the other one was sick.

Jim and Robert look over the graves of a brother and sister that were just buried here and their sister is in the hospital. They were looking for food and ate some bad roots.

This is one of the twins that Robyn is holding, besides being hungry she is missing her brother who died.

So many people were surprised and overwhelmed with the food that was being delivered to them! We told them it was Jesus for sure taking care of them. A simple form of evangelism.

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